Best Leather Jackets for Men & Women for 2021

Best Leather Jackets for Men & Women for 2021

Since its rise to fame during the 1950s, leather jackets are lightweight outerwear for fall or spring. The padded or oversized versions of it are perfect for when the weather starts turning colder. Despite being a garment dating back to WWII, leather jackets are still morphed all the time by designers. They play with different concepts and bring out uniquely tailored versions to keep reinventing the classic appeal of leather. Our guide will help you pick the best styles of leather jackets that can be rocked this year.

Trending Best Leather Jackets Styles for Women

Classic Moto Jacket

If there is one leather outerwear you must have in your collection it is this style. First crafted in 1928, its designer Irving Scott was NYC-based who called his masterpiece the Perfecto. Moto jackets soon became iconic wear after being featured in 1954’s The Wild One. Over the decades the style has not gone through many changes. It still has that edgy street fashion vibe yet luxury brands have endeavored to put their own spin on it. Go for the traditional sleek silhouette so it will not become outdated through the years.

Cropped for coolness

A cropped leather jacket is a chic take on the ordinary cut. It is flattering for both petite and tall women making it a top recommendation. A cropped capsule corp jacket can also be a  good choice. You can opt for elegant details like a satiny black finish, side buckles, and epaulets.

There are also daringly trendy choices available like laced-up slits on the side. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to wait for spring to wear it. Just style it with high-waist, wide-legged pants for fall to carry the perfect dynamic vibe.

Belted number

A robe-tie design sports a mid-length hem which provides coverage for fall. This 80’s inspired cut might project the image of a bulky and oversized appearance. But the belt is the star of the show here. The beauty of it lies in its artful placement just perfect for cinching your waist. Our favorite is the belted look inspired by the trench coat style available on leather jacket USA. It makes for an incredible outfit when you pair it with slouchy tops.

Tailored for utility

When it comes to utilitarian influence, 2021 has brought back the Matrix vibe. Minimalism is more of a favorite now compared to exaggerated and exposed details. You can either go for a close-fitting option with shoulder padding enhancing a sharp outline. Or more of a loose cut with details like flap pockets and slit cuffs. The jacket looks equally stunning when styled with a dress or blouse.

Shearling accents

A shearling design is the most elegant and high-end-looking jacket you can go for in winters. Apart from its chic aura, shearling genuine leather jackets will keep you properly warm when needed. Shearling trim has a history intertwined with leather jackets, going back to the famous aviator design of 1930. The fuzziness of white shearling cuffs and lapels introduces a variety of textures to your outfit. The functionality and grace of this garment make it an ideal addition to your wardrobe.

Trending Best Leather Jackets Styles for Men

Café Racer Best Leather Jackets

The refined cut of a café racer makes it slightly similar to a bomber jacket. The style is very versatile and suitable for most body types. The bold attitude of leather jackets is present but with a touch of cautiousness. It is basically perfect for someone who wants to have a leather jacket that works with most of his outfits. Depending on your preferences you can either play with colors for a vibrant appearance. Or keep it laid back and classy with a black-on-black look.

Bomber Jacket

Also known as aviator or flight jackets, this is the oldest existing style of men’s military leather jackets. But its allure is still undeniably strong. The two major types in this category are shearling and the classic bomber. Both have a boxy form meant for ease of wear and protection from the cold. But bombers have more rounded and knit collars, while aviators have ones lined with sheepskin. They look perfect with denim, chunky sweaters, and work boots.

Field Best Leather Jackets

A field jacket is the British version of a typical motorcycle jacket. It essentially features four front pockets along with the chest pocket at an angle. This style is brilliant in its versatility. It is wondrous to find it can look equally good over a hoodie as a well-cut suit. If chosen in brown leather it is best paired with navy formal pants, Chelsea boots, and a roll-neck sweater.

Biker Jacket

Fitted biker jackets hold a reputation that precedes them. Crafted with antique touches like brass hardware with nickel plating and hand-cut material, it is a must-have wardrobe essential. Nothing else looks as good with a beat-up pair of dark jeans, a white t-shirt, and leather boots. The outfit remains stylish and trendy to this day despite having decades-old roots.

Distressed jacket

This type of leather jacket blends the heritage style with a modern cut which makes it perfect for 2021. Distressed leather looks great with details like retro stripes for a bold fashion choice. The worn-in appearance lends projects a distinctness that sets you apart in a crowd. Slim dark wash jeans and gray Henley with moto boots will be an iconic fall outfit.


Leather jackets have remained staple wear for both men and women which continues to thrive as years go by. They have a rebellious quality that inspires confidence in the wearer. It is hard to not look bold and put together when you have leather for outerwear. Whether you have an adventurous streak or eager to try out a new look, leather jackets are the answer. And with our list of jacket styles, you are sure to choose one that is suitable for you. So go on ahead and get ready to invest in the statement piece that can transform your look.

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