Best Waterproof Smartwatches with Integrated Technology

The Smartwatch is the ultimate accessory of smartphones. It makes it easy to always stay connected with your smartphone. Interestingly, smartwatches have evolved from traditional wearable to a more suitable device for this century. Smartwatches with integrated technology such as waterproofing from Apple, Google, Fitbit, and Samsung are now available. However, choosing the best waterproof Smartwatch can be overwhelming.

If you are someone with an active lifestyle and want the best waterproof Smartwatch, our product reviews and buying guide will help you make a smart choice.

How to Choose the Best Waterproof Smartwatches in 2021

There are some underlying factors and features you need to consider when picking the best waterproof Smartwatches. It is advisable not to neglect the smallest elements because they might hold vital importance. The essential factors and characteristics that can help you select the perfect choice for you are:

Compatibility with your smartphone

Make sure you check a Smartwatch before going for it because not every Smartwatch is compatible with every handset. Ensure your smartphone is compatible with the device. The operating system of your smartphone will dictate the one you should go for.

Water-resistance rate

The rate of water resistance varies from one waterproof Smartwatch to the other. The water resistance rate can range from 30 meters to 300 meters. If you will not be swimming or taking a shower with your watch, you can go for a water-resistant Smartwatch of 30 meters. But if you will like to dive, swim and take a shower with your watch, a waterproof of 50 meters and above is the perfect option.


Some smartwatches have rotating bezels or side buttons to navigate, while most have touchscreens that allow you to operate like your mobile phone. Regardless, the performance of your Smartwatch would not be affected. But what could impact the ease of use? Touchscreen device makes it easier to navigate and input numbers or text.

Battery life

Everyone wants a device with long-lasting battery life so it can serve for a long. The model of a Smartwatch would determine how long it lasts. Most of the smartwatches available on the market use a rechargeable battery. Note that the battery of a device with advanced sensors and large screens tends to run out quite faster than one with small screens and fewer features.

Fitness features

Some smartwatches have exercise-logging features are trackers for fitness, while some have advanced features. For the best waterproof Smartwatch, you can check for heart rate sensors, workout activity, duration, and distance, sleep monitor, swim-tracking with IP×8 waterproof recommended, GPS tracking, calories burned, and much more.


Most of the available smartwatches have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G connectivity. The latest connectivity from the world of smartwatches is 4G or LTE. This would allow you to text, call, and perform other tasks without your phone around. However, it is only available to a few smartphones at the moment.


You need to balance functionality with the look and feel. Some smartwatches look like a traditional watch, while some have an ultra-tech look. Whatever your choice is, ensure you pick the one that looks nice on your wrist.


Note that the cost of a waterproof Smartwatch does not indicate its performance. However, you would be paying for advanced features by spending a little more. Some of the advanced features can be colored screens, designer decoration and brands, and premium materials.

Other features you can consider are the voice commands option, customization, and support for media playback.

General Features

It is best to get maximum features from your smartwatch rather than watch not to support some features. Better still, you can make a list of the features you would like to feature on your watch before making a purchase.

Some of the general features you should watch out for include; connectivity, voice command options, iOS, Android compatibility, etc.

Waterproof Smartwatch Design

This is another important factor to consider before buying a smartwatch because it determines how classy, fitted, and elegant it would look on your hand. Here, you are looking at the design of the watch and the design of the band.

Do you like it simple? Or stripy or spotty?

Looks is personal, which is why we have different taste. Therefore, it is left to your discretion to decide if you want a round watch or a square-faced one. Likewise, you could choose to go any color of your choice.


Warranty refers to the manufacturer’s issued claim promising to repair or replace parts or whole of a product if it is damaged within a specified period. Besides, smartwatch repair can be expensive, and after paying the high price on a smartwatch, nothing could be as hurtful as to see the watch stop working all of a sudden. It would be disheartening!

Hence, it would help if you considered checking out the warranty on a watch before giving out your hard-earned money. Some manufacturers offer up to a six-month warranty period, others a year, while some offer a single month.

The longer the warranty period, the better.


Imagine your warranty period expires, and you need to get a part of your watch repaired. Believe me; if your watch’s maker is not a popular brand, it would be tough to get those parts. That is the reason it is a popular opinion to stick with popular brands.

Your smartwatch from an unknown brand could stop working anytime, it could function for just a little period and stop working, or a feature stops working- like connectivity, the screen could run down, and so on even while the warranty period is still valid.

Brands like Samsung Galaxy and the Apple watch series have proven to the best for smartwatches. Try to avoid the “unpopular brands” for the clear reasons aforementioned.

Voice command options

The efficiency of having an effective voice command feature is not always 100% in all smartwatches due to the technology behind it. Some watches could have it but are bound to stop working after a few days or weeks, while it could just be a fluke for some.

Therefore, before paying the price on a particular watch, it is important to make sure that the voice command feature is up and active and not bound to stop functioning anytime soon.


When we talk of customization in a smartwatch, it is not only about the watch itself. It is also about the band that holds it firmly to your wrist. Some smartwatch lets you use a customizable band, which means you can change the band to your desired taste.

Some, however, have fixed bands that cannot remove. So whether you like it or not, you have to use it anyways.


From the reviews and buying guides discussed above, you can see that the best waterproof Smartwatches are more than just stylish design and time display. They boast different features that make them comfortable to wear, easy to use and offer high performance, such as fitness and health tracking, waterproofing, and smart notifications.

Even though all the Smartwatch reviewed are a perfect choice, with the transflective technology and waterproof rating of 100 meters, Garmin Fenix 6 pro put the icing on the cake. If you are looking for something rugged and tough that might be within your price range, the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro is a perfect option.

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