Comfast Extender Setup

How to Install Your Comfast Extender Setup


Comfast Extender Setup will turn your wired network into a wireless network,expanding the WiFi signal to hard-to-reach areas and boosting your current WiFi coverage.Make sure your house or office has a reliable WiFi signal with a 300Mbps wireless speed and two external antennas that can efficiently increase signal strength and stability.

Comfast extender setup


Using a Comfast Extender Setup has a number of benefits.


Extenders from Comfast are the ideal solution for any phone network issues. They gradually boost your wireless network’s signal and distribute it throughout your home.As a result. The Comfast extender setup eliminates all dead zones in your home.


Comfast Extender Setup  does this by gathering current signals from. The cellular network and transmitting them to locations. Where the internet is unavailable.The best part is that all you have to do now is set up. Your Comfast Wi-Fi range extender.

Set your Comfast WIFI Range Extender to follow the system’s instructions.


1: First and foremost,the extender must be powered and turned on.Connect the connector to a secure power source and press the power button for a few seconds.The extender has been effectively turned on when the control LED becomes stable.

2: Connect the New Extender setup to the router after it has been turned on.You can do this by using the WPS push button or by connecting the two devices with an ethernet cable.

3: After you’ve successfully wired your extender to your router,you’ll need to find a device that can connect to the network.This case looks great with a laptop or desktop computer.

4: Connect to your computer’s wireless communication network.After that,activate a selection tab after double-checking that it is up to date.Open the ap.setup file in the tab’s URL bar.

5: While viewing the new extender device list,you will be prompted to log in with your username and password.As you complete the setup for the first time,the keys for all of the input fields will be “admin,” so simply fill in the fields and click the login button.

6: After you’ve successfully signed in,you’ll be given a brief, easy-to-follow guide.Simply choose the Setup option from the app’s menu.The arrangement will then be guided by on-screen instructions.

7: You’ll be able to set up your extender quickly if you carefully watch every move on the screen.

In the United States,the United Kingdom,Australia,and Canada,we provide support for ap.setup and any other problem relating to your extender.

What exactly is a Comfast Extender Setup?


Ap.Setup is a WiFi Range Extender setup service that allows. You to connect your WiFi Range Extender to WiFi-N first. Then type Ap.Setup or comfast extender setup into the URL to Comfast Extender Setup.

Using WPS to Setup a Comfast Wireless Network Repeater:


1: Place the Comfast Repeater next to the Network Signal Access Point in setup you can re-position once synced.

2: On your home network, press and hold the WPS button (5–10 seconds).

3: (Within 2 minutes) On the Comfast Repeater,press and hold the WPS button for 10 seconds.

4: The connection will be established when the WiFi signal flashes blue.

5: Connect to the Comfast Network Repeater (named “Home Network”)- PLUS

6: For security reasons, you will only have to build or enter the password once


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