Communicating with egoistic people

Communicating with egoistic people? Now no longer an issue

Communicating with normal people is still an easy and convenient task, but in the case of egoistic and self-obsessed people because it is sort of disappointing how they use to mistreat every other person in front of everyone without giving it a second thought. So, one has to think twice before communicating with such people. But we have ticks and tricks to overcome this scenario and make communication attractive and effective, so such people give attention and respond positively.

No personal attacks | Communicating with egoistic people

Such people came into a confrontational mood and become defensive if they start to play blame games or make personal attacks. In this situation, such Communicating with egoistic people disagree and decline everything you want to say or convince for anything. Instead of point fingers, point towards the message you want to communicate because at this point if you still maintained the same attitude with them, they will disagree with you anyway.

No commanding | Communicating with egoistic people

To convince such Communicating with egoistic people, you need to be a little requesting and polite because you cannot snuff out a fire with the fire, but with the help of water. To maintain a requesting and pleasing attitude, use words like “I request” or “please” to make you sound respectful. Avoid such words apply during communication which makes them more stubborn. For example, “you have to” or “you must”.

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Promote gratitude and acknowledgment

It is important to be reasonable before conveying any disagreed statement; make sure to identify the point which they will disagree about. Maintain and offer gratitude and acknowledgment. Acknowledgment of something they are reasonable about. It makes communicating time easier if you behave reasonably as well. To encourage them for compromise and concession, say “thank you”, everything they offer a concession.

Stop being inconsistent

If you want to save from powerful resistance and intransigence from their ego, you better avoid proving them wrong or inconsistent instead raise to a new point or fact that can relate and support statements and did not let anyone down. It is a usual scenario that one person must be right, and the other one is wrong; in the case of communicating with the egoistic person, try to act and communicated neutrally.

Instead of debating who is right and who is wrong. Bring new facts and figures that didn’t discuss before to maintain a peaceful and communicating atmosphere. This action will shift the status to “free-to-choose” from “ego-boxed” by un-finalized the old statement of them by new fact and point.

Plan B to encounter | Communicating with egoistic people

Pushing and pulling for the thing you want from did not give you anything except hatred and disrespectfulness. You must have plan B for rescue or can offer an alternative. That was equally important and necessary for you as compared to that thing or favor you want.

This forcefulness appears you as weak or inconsistent or coward, which is devastating. Forcefulness never gives anything but an adverse image and reputation. So, instead, always ready to offer an alternative and prepare plan B for such situations. Because the new offer creates a new fresh atmosphere and the person must “save face” and have possibilities to accept a new offer or request.

How wonderful you are as a person!

How don’t you like compliments and praises? Similarly, an egoistic person, whether male or female, compliments attract and please everyone. Compliments play as a powerful cushion to the big egos. Think about anything that attracts or looks good on them and praise them accordingly that it will look like you pretend or exaggerating or flattery/adulating. Communicating with egoistic people.

Emphasize their opinion

Ask them for their opinions and value their thought and ask them to participate as well. Convey their opinions and thoughts to others; it will show that everyone is given importance and paying attention to their opinions and thoughts. You can say, “as your opinion and thoughts have importance and value, I request you to please participate with us”.

Cooperation operation

To extend the cooperation and participation, you can ask for the cooperation as “I would be grateful if I can join your team to solve the matter” or “how can I offer my operation to become a helping hand” or “is there anything that can help to shift the situation positively by me. Communicating with egoistic people.

Boasting and bragging

To make your communication more attractive and effective, no need to brag or boast. This act will boost up the fact that you are wrong, or maybe you hiding any fault. Be yourself, maintain your self-respect and continue with other Communicating with egoistic people rather than sticking with one person. If they are still stuck with their attitude and ego, let them go because nothing can change them after all.

Communicating with egoistic people should be respectful, pleasant, and attentive and should respect both the parties and maintain a peaceful communicating atmosphere.

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