Desire for Creative Freedom

The Desire for Creative Freedom Changed the Course of My Life!

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  • The first ones are who would do anything for money;
  • And the second are the ones who would do anything for success.
  • Now, many of you would say that money and success are identical concepts. 
  • If you have money, you are deemed successful.
  • And if you are successful, you are bound to have money.
  • Both of these scenarios are true, yet they are not.
  • Success is a far broader term than money. Anybody can earn money, but anybody cannot be successful.
  • However, the notion of success can be summed up in two aspects;
  • doing what your heart wants you to do;
  • and achieving accomplishments doing what you love. The Desire for Creative Freedom.

These two pillars of success are the reasons why people are successful. You must have heard stories of rich people, who had everything, the money, and the vague understanding of success, yet they left everything behind and went on living a simple life.

Have you ever thought about why? 

It is because they did not love what they were doing. So, even if they were accomplishing things, those accomplishments meant nothing to them because their heart was not into it.

I have a similar story, a story that would make to realize that money is not everything. You might earn less now, but the future may make you a millionaire, you never know.

The Beginning of My Journey

All my life, I had been a foodie. I loved cooking food, eating food, and making other’s mouth water with my cooking skills.

 I knew I would make a career in cooking. So, when I went to Culinary School, it came as no surprise to anyone. To pay my school expenses, I had taken fast loans with no guarantor, because independence and success went hand-in-hand for me.

I finished school, and my love for cooking became. Even more potent than it ever was. 

I was extremely good at cooking, the star student in my class. I could replicate Gordon Ramsey’s Beef Wellington, and you won’t be able to tell that he didn’t cook it.

A month after my graduation, I got a position in the kitchen of a three Michelin star restaurant in London. I thought my life was all set.

What leads to the Change of Course?

I knew I could not ask for too much independence during the first year of being a member of the kitchen of a renowned restaurant since I was barely a baby there. The desire for Creative Freedom

I did what I was asked and learned as much as I could.

When I knew the learning had come to a saturation point and wanted to experiment with new ideas for dishes that could become crowd-pleasers, I was told a straight and blunt NO.

Even if I switched a few ingredients in the dishes that were the Executive Chef’s recipes, I was berated as if I had committed the colossal sin.

The love I had for food was not being given a chance to represent itself. So, I decided to look for a place that will value my love.

I got another job at another restaurant, and the same thing happened. The head chef acted like a tyrant, and I wasn’t allowed to showcase my creativity, so I did the only thing I could do.

The Success that Pursued After

I started on my own. I did not want to deal with someone being on top of me. In the hierarchy and inhibiting my creative flair. 

I never imagined that I would start on my own, that I would be a business owner. Yet here I was starting a new hole-in-the-wall restaurant with barely any space for a total of five tables. 

Coming from Michelin star restaurants and the income that they provided me, my business was a downgrade. 

However, it was my own. I had put in every penny that I had saved into it, along with acquiring loans for bad credit with no guarantor to pay the security and the two-month rent in advance to the landlord.

The fact that I could make any dish that I liked, use any ingredient that I wanted, and experiment as much as I could, made the hole-in-the-wall restaurant appear much-much bigger than the lavish restaurants, at least in terms of the creative freedom. 

I knew I could cook well, and I knew that people loved my cooking as much as I did. So, when customers started coming to my restaurants, they became regulars. And word of mouth spread like wildfire.

When an Instagram influencer visited my restaurant and offered to promote my business for a free meal, I did not think it could do me much harm. And I was right.

Her post, wherein she tagged me, brought in an influx of customers, and then the success was imminent.

Winding Up

In the end, I want to say that I could have stayed in the security of a Michelin star restaurant, but if I had,

  • I would not have experienced the liberty I did;
  • I would not have showcased. My talent and my skills through cooking;
  • I would not have made people fall in love with the magic my hands could perform on a steak.

For all of this to happen, I had to change the course of my life, and that change made me honor success more than honoring money. The desire for Creative Freedom

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