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10 dating app ideas 2020

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The dating world has changed beyond recognition thanks to online dating websites and dedicated dating apps. As we get busy in our lives, we get less and less time to form a romantic liaison over a cup of hot coffee or watching a movie and sharing popcorn. dating app ideas.

In this situation, the dating app has come as a lifesaver for millions of people worldwide who are looking out for their soul mate or even for a quick hookup.

This business of love is now a multi-billion dollar industry with a large number of mobile apps trying to succeed in grabbing the eyeballs of the users. However, it is easier said than done because every other dating app wants to imitate the success of Tinder and is offering similar features to entice the users.

If you also want to make it big in this market by creating a dating app but are not sure how to make it unique, then you should read this article. Here we have shared with you 10 amazing dating app ideas from which you can draw inspiration.

10 Great dating app ideas that you can pursue 

Matching horoscope

In many cultures, there is an implicit belief in matching horoscopes to find the partners for life. You can create a dating app, wherein a potential match is made based on matching horoscopes of the dating app users, which they can then pursue to its logical conclusion.

Age should not be a barrier to finding love

Most dating apps focus on the youth or those who are under 40 who want to find their true love or on the lookout for a quick hookup. However, many people who are on the wrong side of 40 or 50 are also looking for a life partner.

You can build an app that would focus on this niche audience and help them find the right man or woman with whom they can share the twilight phase of their life.

Matching professions

Many professionals want to tie the knot with a person who is from the same profession so that they understand their demanding work schedule. This helps them to understand each other far better and strengthen their relationship.

You can target this niche audience and create a dating app wherein individuals could be matched based on their profession.

Shared life goals

It has been observed that people with similar life goals also share a very strong bond, as they want to achieve the same thing. A relationship that is based on similar life goals is more organic. Creating a dating app that matches individuals with similar life goals has a greater chance of success as such relationships are more organic.

Matching personality for a smoother ride

Opposing personality types can put any relationships under constant stress and may even lead to a breakup. Some people want to find a partner who shares their personality type. You can use this idea to create a dating app that uses the Enneagram or Meyers-Briggs test to find out the personalities of individuals who are using your dating app and then match them accordingly.

Focus on the LGBT community

Nowadays, there is a greater realisation that not everyone has a similar sexual orientation. You can create a dating app that can classify the users according to their sexual orientation so that individuals who are looking for a partner with identical sexual preferences can easily find their soul mates through your app.

Love is in the stars

While the horoscopes are popular in South Asia only, people living in other parts of the world (including South Asians!) believe in sun and star signs. A dating app that matches individuals based on their sun or star signs can be a big hit among those who believe that these signs have an impact on the individual’s personality and behaviour.

Similar hobbies

One of the essential ingredients of a successful relationship is that the partners enjoy each other’s company. And one way to do it is having similar hobbies, interests and passion. You can create a dating app that would match user profiles based. On similar hobbies and interests that could lead to a long-term successful relationship.

Common culture for greater affinity

If two people share a similar cultural background. Then the chances that it could lead to a successful relationship is quite high. Creating a dating app, wherein the cultural context is an important. Criterion to match the profiles is a great dating app idea that you can pursue.


Having similar food habits can lead to greater satisfaction that in turn strengthens the relationship further. For example, it would be very stressful for a vegan to have a fruitful relationship with a non-vegetarian. Therefore, you can build a dating app that offers to match individuals based on their food habit. Here you can Convert Website to Mobile App.


Online dating has come a long way and if the current trends are anything to go by. Then the future of online dating is all set to get bigger and more exciting. Although there are many established dating apps in the market. There is space for many more, provided the new app offers something unique and exciting to the users. 

THe dating app market is still in a bit flux and a lot of new ideas need to be explored. You have to do thorough research about the latest consumer trends. And your target audience to figure out the best dating app idea. That would connect with your niche audience in a more personal way.

After finding a proper dating app idea. Then the next question that might appear in your mind is, how to make a dating app. To make a highly-scalable, reliable, and secure dating app, we suggest you to approach a dating app development company. They will provide you with the best solution as per your idea.

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