Decorate Your Home

How To Decorate Your Home

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Whether it is to fit out a new house or simply to renovate an old residence, decorating is the ultimate way to add charm to any living environment. However, to achieve an amazing result, it is not enough to decorate. It is just as necessary that the decoration is carried out in the rules of art. If you are wondering how to successfully decorate your home, here are 10 illustrated ideas that will help you get there like a pro.

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Home decoration: the prerequisites

Before moving on to the actual decoration of your living environment, you will need to take time to make a certain number of choices in order to evolve more quickly.

The choice of decoration style

When it comes to home decor, there are a large number of possible choices to make regarding style. We will find for example the modern, classic, contemporary, vintage, or even retro style. Before embarking on decorating activities, you will first need to determine which of these different styles you would like to have in your home for months or even years. 

To make the ideal choice, take into account your personal preferences and tastes. This choice occupies a primordial place here because it is on it that will depend entirely on the sequence of events. If you opt for the vintage style, for example, all the necessary purchases will be made taking into account this very important detail.

Establish your decoration budget

Decorate Your Home

As you already know, to decorate a house, it is necessary to make expenses. The latter will be used to cover a set of charges such as the various purchases (painting, furniture, lighting, and others). Before getting started, it is a good idea to set a financial limit that you will strive to meet.

Determining the budget will largely depend on the scope of the work you want to do. If, for example, you want to completely decorate your house and change the existing furniture, you will need a relatively substantial budget. But if on the contrary, you intend to limit yourself to a simple and chic decoration, the amount of the budget will prove to be less important.

Determine the scope of decoration work

Decorate Your Home

No room or compartment in your home will be left. In the second step, you can choose your less important decoration works. It will then be a question of decorating the main rooms of the house.ove

The living room: the first room to decorate 

Decorate Your Home

The living room is undoubtedly the main room of a house. It is the place where all the family members meet to spend time together. To welcome guests and put them at ease, it is also in this room of the house that everything takes place. This range of utilities shows how important the living room is in any living environment. How then to decorate it?

Because of its relatively large size, the living room most of the time offers greater freedom in terms of interior decoration. This advantage makes it possible to bring a large number of decorative elements to the room.

Repaint the walls

Decorate Your Home

To successfully decorate a room, it is important to repaint it, especially when it is a case of renovation. When you enter a room, the color of the walls is the first thing you notice.

The latter plays an important role because it allows any visitor to make a small on the personality and the tastes of the occupant of the places. For this reason, it must be chosen with tact and ingenuity. To choose the perfect color, you have two options.

You can either choose one of the most recommended colors (including color combinations) for a living room or bring a touch of originality to your living room by choosing your favorite colors.

What colors should be favored for the living room?

Given the roles played by this room in a house, certain colors or combinations of colors are particularly recommended.

Good to know: The white color remains the quintessential color of the living room. It can be combined with any other color to create certain originality.

In general, avoid dark colors for your living room, because they are likely to soften the result of the decoration. Prefer rather light or slightly sober colors like gray, blue, green, or beige. Besides these colors which offer most of the time a beautiful result, do not hesitate to wear your choice on one of your favorite colors.

If it is a bright color like red or purple, reduce its bling-bling effect by painting only part of the living room with it. Then add a second, more sober color to create a certain visual balance. If you have a hard time making up your mind, make strips of the preselected colors on a living room wall.

Take a few steps back and enjoy the result. Choose the color that most appeals to you from all those used to make the strips. Now that your choice is made, proceed to apply the paint. Your living room will look new and you can already start to feel the effects of the decor. Decorate Your Home

The choice of furniture

Old or dilapidated furniture in a new setting does absolutely no good. If you want to perfect the decoration of your living room, then consider changing your furniture. For a sublime result, opt for furniture that is out of the ordinary. Design and stylish furniture represent the best to create originality in your living environment. The objective thus pursued is to kill two birds with one stone: to have new furniture to make yourself comfortable in your living room, but also furniture that contributes to the embellishment of the room by their exceptional design. Whether it’s the sofa, the coffee table, the TV stand, or the bookcase, everything must be chosen on the basis of a decisive criterion: style and design. Before buying your new furniture, take into account the size of your living room. You must at all costs avoid acquiring furniture whose size will limit freedom of movement in this room of the house. Whatever the decoration work accomplished in a living room, the latter loses its charm as soon as it becomes confined.

Play on the light

Light is an essential element of decoration because it is the factor that highlights all the other components of the decor. When it is properly present in a room, its contact with the color of the walls provides a stunning aesthetic result. During the day, make sure you have enough natural light in your living room. If not, call in a professional to create daylight entry exits, because the game is worth the effort. And to light up your living room in the evenings, install designer lamps on both sides. Opt for example for spots. Inlaid on the ceiling and lit, they produce a completely attractive effect. Add a few standing lights with rare shapes and voila. Decorate Your Home

Add accessories

 Decorate Your Home

To finalize the decoration of the living room and bring it a touch of originality, the best way to proceed is to add some accessories. For a living room, the chicest accessories are:

Tables: select 2 or 3 magnificent paintings and hang them;

Vases: very trendy, they will bring a touch of modernity to your living room. You can, for example, place a vase on the coffee table;

In all cases, organize the decor so that your living room remains ventilated. This is necessary for optimal comfort.

The decoration of the room

Decorate Your Home

Despite its status as a private room, the bedroom remains a special place, the decoration of which must also be carried out in accordance with the rules of the art. The room is intended to offer rest and relaxation, its decoration must, therefore, conform to this reality. Here too, your preferences will have to be taken into account for the choice of certain details such as the color of the room. Wear your choice on a sober color so that its contact with light does not prevent you from sleeping. Decorate Your Home

Bedroom furniture

Most of the bedroom decor is based on the furniture chosen. To obtain an impeccable result, you must choose your design and stylish furniture. In general, here are the pieces of furniture that you will need for a successful decoration:

The main furniture, the bed;

  • A wardrobe ;
  • A dressing room;
  • A chair ;
  • A library if you are a reading addict.

Install accessories

Like the living room, the decoration of the bedroom must be finalized with the installation of certain accessories. For a bedroom, certain accessories are essential for successful decor. First, get curtains that will highlight the frame. You have the choice between the very trendy floral models and those of solid color. Then hang one or two paintings on the wall. You can also add photos of your loved ones. Finally, think about the lighting in the bedroom. For this room, opt for spots. These types of luminaires in addition to being discreet and aesthetic provide perfect lighting. Add a designer bedside lamp for the nights and voila. A magnificent flowerpot will also be welcome to enhance the room and give it a natural touch.

How to decorate the kitchen?

Decorate Your Home

A room where all the family’s meals are prepared, the kitchen occupies a special place in any home. The main part of the kitchen decoration will be based on the color of the room as well as on the accessories present. To get started, get a modern and stylish kitchen. This will contribute to the embellishment of the room and allow you to cook your meals in better comfort. As for color, get out of the standard white shot and dare relatively bright colors that you can associate with white. But if you prefer the tiles, then wear your choice on the tiles garnished with images of cups of tea, fruit or cakes. Finally, create a dining area in your kitchen with designer and stylish furniture. You can get a modern and elegant table and chair set at a sales store. Decorate Your Home

How to decorate the outside?

The decoration of a house is not limited to the embellishment of rooms like the living room or the bedroom. It is equally important to take into account the exterior so that the decor is complete. This will be the garden and the exterior in general. Decorate Your Home

The decoration of the garden

Decorating a garden is a relatively easy task if you know how to do it. Most of the decoration will be achieved thanks to the natural elements already present in the garden. To start, mow and water your lawn properly to restore its charm. Then prune the different plants, including hedges, bushes, and shrubs. Call on gardening professional to assign specific shapes (bird, cub, duck, and others …) to some of these.

Plant beautiful flowers

The best way to decorate a garden is to plant flowers of striking beauty. Choose very colorful flowers such as oleander, peony, sweet pea, or gerbera.

Create a decorative concrete driveway

Decorate Your Home

The presence of a decorative concrete driveway in a garden brings a touch of originality to the place. By opting for printed concrete, for example, you can display images of flowers in your garden on its surface. The result turns out to be amazing. Plant a line of flowers around the aisle to accentuate the garden effect. Decorate Your Home

Illuminate the garden

To sublimate your garden and make it exceptional, installing chic and design lighting is one of the best ways to do this. A variety of choices exist to meet all preferences. You thus have the choice between the lampposts, the luminous arcs, or the garlands.

Looking after the garden terrace

Decorate Your Home

This is the place to allow you to fully enjoy your garden. Bring it a touch of novelty by changing the old furniture that decorates it. Place a beautiful flowerpot on the coffee table and rid the place of any bulky items. Here is your fully decorated house, rest and take full advantage of the new setting. Decorate Your Home.

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