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Delving into Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are a popular choice to encase a variety of products, primarily because of the luxury feel and support it offers. They are also known as setup or gift boxes. Globally, rigid box packaging has made a mark for itself owing to its weight and expense. This post will look into what wholesale rigid boxes are, how they are constructed, what are some of the common types for your consideration.

  • What are Setup or Rigid Boxes?

Rigid boxes are robust paper-based. Packages that are built from highly thick chipboard. Wrapped with special decorative paper. It usually falls in the category of premium packaging solutions. That are frequently used to enclose:

  1. Luxury items, such as jewelry
  2. Gift items
  • Board games

The premium feel of these boxes significantly boosts customers’ unboxing experience that allows businesses to make the most of the opportunity by establishing a strong brand narrative. One of the highpoints of leveraging rigid packaging is it can be fully personalized using:

  1. Embossing/debossing
  2. Hot stamping
  • Printing
  1. Coatings
  2. And other decorative elements


  • Rigid Box Packaging Versus Flexible Packaging

You probably have guessed by now how rigid and flexible packaging differs just by their names. It is one of the popular packaging options that consist of various materials and refers to hard and solid materials compared to its alternative flexible packaging.

Unlike flexible packaging, rigid boxes do not change their shape. They offer robust construction and comparatively look and feel more luxurious. Though its durability cannot match other packaging options, it boasts a sturdy construction that keeps the encased products safe.

On the other hand, flexible product boxes can bend easily, so you can easily craft them in any shape you want.

The key difference between the two packaging options is versatility. Any packaging solution that is easily bendable falls in the category of flexible packages, such as folding cartons. The folding boxes are available in varying sizes and are. used across different industries.

Wholesale rigid boxes account for a limited but fast-growing segment within the colossal rigid packaging industry.

  • Construction of Custom Rigid Boxes  

The construction of custom rigid boxes wholesale supply is completely opposed to any other packaging style. Just the way you wrap a gift. The packaging’s base material (solid board) is covered with wrapping paper. The boards generally come in a kraft or grey base color. That is partially made out of recycled fibers. However, The Legacy Printing can carve them in white and other base colors too.

Each of the chipboards are individually. Glued together to give you a custom rigid box.

Producing rigid packaging is an extended process as it can take up to one to two weeks to construct these boxes compared to other packages. In the present day, most rigid box manufacturing processes entail some degree of handwork and some stringent quality checks to examine the boxes for defects and ensure high-quality standards.

  • Different Types of Rigid Packages

Partial Finish: This particular type boasts wrapping and chipboard that are far from the finish. For instance. The wrapping is only used to cover. The box’s outer edges as the chipboard. Is visible from the inside. In brief. It is partially finished. Read more: best mall in london

Full Finish: The full finish represents a box that isn’t left exposed as it is entirely wrapped with decorative paper. The chipboard is segregated into two pieces that are laminated with various. Finishing options depending on your needs. A fully finished rigid box also features an additional layer of wrapping that can be white or printed. You can use these packages to astonish your customers when they open the box.     

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