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If you are annoyed with pests but do not want to use any chemical pesticide then this for you. Pests are definitely a nuisance in the homes, controlling them is a necessity.  But the use of chemicals to control pests can be very harmful to our environment. Keeping that in mind pest control services in Brisbane have adopted eco-friendly methods to control pest infestations. Today we will discuss what type of organic products do pest exterminators use to save our mother earth.

Eco-friendly Methods Used By Pest Controllers

There are many ways to control pests without harming the beauty of nature. No doubt various home remedies used to eliminate pests from your house. People use essential oils like cedarwood, lemongrass, tea tree oil, and vanilla extract, etc, to resist pest infestations. The use of essential oils against pests is an excellent idea that works very effectively. Then, what is the need for pest controllers and what will they do to control pests? Remember every pest needs to be treated differently no same technique would work for different pests. Pest controllers know every bit of each pest, they know their habitat and life cycle. So, the target of a professional pest controller can never be missed. Hence, they eliminate pests from your house in a better way. Now, let us discuss the organic pest control methods they use.

Insecticidal Oils

It is a very effective method used against most pests. Pest controllers spray insecticidal oil inside your house, where there are nests of the pests. As soon as they spray oil pests start getting suffocated and eventually they die on spot. Insecticidal oil also kills immature pests and their larvae by cutting their oxygen supply.

Diatomaceous Earth

It can be very effective against your garden or farm pests. Safe pest control services in Brisbane apply this product to the soil. It is made up of fossilized silica shells of algae. It causes a leak of vital body fluids of the pest and hence kills it without causing any damage to the environment.

Neem Oil

It is the most commonly used pesticide throughout the world. It acts as a poison repellent that stops the growth of the insect’s life cycle by sterilizing it.

Insecticidal Soap

This product commonly used against aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, and various other pests that are similar to them. It mainly targets soft-bodied pests by utilizing fatty acids and salts present within them. That is how insecticidal soap alters their body function and kills them.

Microbial insecticides

They are pest-specific non-toxic insecticides. Microbial insecticides kill pests by making them sick without harming humans and their pets. So, now you do not need to worry about your pets.


What can be better than alternatives that are environment-friendly in nature! The whole world is running after sustainable living and an eco-friendly lifestyle then why would pest control left behind? Due to the demand and needs of various customers, most pest exterminators use organic techniques to kill pests. However, it is very important to do a thorough investigation about the pest control services you are hiring in the name of organic pest control methods. If possible you may also talk to their previous customers for better reliability. You may also go through their website once to have a clear idea about the service they are providing. If you find them trustworthy then go for it. Your one step towards the betterment of the environment can save you from various health hazards.   

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