spin mop available in the market

Some Famous Brands Of Spin Mop Available In The Market

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As spin mops have become a revolutionary product in the market because of the hassle-free and time-saving cleaning it provides, many companies have come up with there own kind of spin mops. This huge variety of spin mops in the market is making a confusion among the buyers. So here we are with a list of different spin mop available in the market.


Gala twin spin mop is another masterpiece by GALA. The most unique feature of this spin mop is it contains two different kinds of compartments, one for dirty water and another for clean water. This ensures more cleanliness and also saves water. This also has a separate compartment for soap or liquid dispenser which can be filled with your choice of detergent.

The handle is adjustable so you can lock at a certain height according to your area of cleaning. The microfiber head attached is easy to clean. This also has a water outlet on the side from where you can drain out the water. Check the collection of the best spin mop in India with buckets available at a cheap price.


This spin mop by scotch brite comes as a single bucket which makes it easier to carry around. This comes with two types of microfiber head one with a round head and another with a flat head. as it comprises a single bucket it does not take much of a corner in your house as well.

Both the flat end and round end microfiber heads dry easily and washing machine friendly. These can rotate 360 degrees and clean the toughest corners of any room and also under the bed and heavy furniture.


Prestige is one of the well-known brands when it comes to household products. This magic mop by prestige comes with a twin bucket design. This was one of the first brands to introduce a water outlet in the corner of the bucket which helps one to drain out the dirty water. This also has extra space to store your liquid soap dispenser. The box also contains two extra microfiber head refills.


Ace spin mop by Milton is one of the most satisfactory products when it comes to spin mops available in India.it is made up of high-quality plastic material which makes it more durable. The handle attached is also made of stainless steel which makes it rust-resistant. One can also adjust the height of the handle according to their use. In addition to these the microfiber head attached can be used for both dry and wet cleaning.


The gala spin easy mop is one of a kind that will never make you return to your old convention cleaning method. Using this is so effortless and will save a lot of your time.

This spin mop comes with a plastic wringer, it squeezes out all the excess water within no time. You need not use your extra energy to carry from one room to another as this comes with wheels which makes it easy to handle and carry the bucket along with you.

The capacity of the bucket it 4-5 liters which is enough for a 3 BHK flat. You need not worry much about the quality of the product as this comes from a renowned brand and also comes with a 6 months warranty. Spin Mop Available In The Market

The heads attached are made of micro-fiber which ensures you maximum cleaning.one can wash the heads in the washing machine also. It is specially designed in such a way that it can spot all the tiny corners. Online shopping site in India – Yelejao.com offers great reviews on various types of spin mops with their price details. Thanks.

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