30KVA Generator

30KVA Generator: Features & Advantages

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If you are looking to buy then you have to read about their features and advantages to make a good decision.

Before buying a 30kVA generator, it is very important to know its features, only then you will be able to get the best generator. In this blog, you can find some features of generators, which will help you in buying the best 30KVA generator.

Without electricity, it is impossible for everyone nowadays. But if you have a backup generator, then you can use all your important devices despite the cut-off power.

  • When the power goes out
  • When you need more power
  • Backup for Special event
  • While repairing your substation
  • Security Purpose
  • Outdoor party or Camping

30KVA Generator Engine Features-

  • Fuel System : Diesel or Gasoline
  • Lube Oil Capacity (l) – 4.5
  • Rated Power (kW)- 31.4
  • Aspiration – TC-IC
  • Cooling Systems – Water Cooled 
  • Cooling System Capacity (l) – 8
  • Engine Speed (rpm) – 3000
  • Governing – Electronic / Synchronous
  • No of Cylinders – 3
  • Displacement (l) – 1.2
  • Compression Ratio – 17.5 : 1
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (l) – Approx 75

30KVA Generator Technical Features-

  • RPM – 3000
  • Power rating (kVA) – 30
  • Sound Proof Canopy
  • Fuel Consumption – @ 100% Load (l/hr) 7.5
  • Automatically Control Panel
  • Overload Alert System

30KVA Generator- Alternator Technical Features

  • Alternator – Brushless 
  • Excitation System – Brushless
  • Current amps (A) – 30
  • No. of Bearings – 3
  • Voltage Regulation : +/- 5%
  • Cover with high quality soundproof metal canopy
  • Insulation Class – H

Control Panel Feature of 30KVA Generator

  • Standard Control Panel – Standard
  • AMF Panel with Double Breaker – Optional
  • AMF Panel with Single Breaker – Optional
  • Synchronizing Panel 

30KVA Generator Set Optional Features

  • Coolant Heater – Optional
  • Static Battery Charger – Optional
  • Alternator Space Heater – Optional
  • Earth Fault Relays – Optional
  • Electronic Engine
  • Electronic Engine – Standard

If your business is the most preferred, the power grid you are connected to will run most of the time. The complete power outage is a rare occurrence and is usually caused by abnormal or irregular circumstances. This means that they need a generator for your business is also rare, maybe no more than once or twice a year.

In this situation, renting a generator when you need it is the best decision compared to buying and maintaining one. On the other hand, if your business experiences frequent power outages throughout the year.

Some Major Advantages of Using 30KVA Generator:


As we as a whole realize diesel is considerably more conservative than petrol. This is the reason the running expense of the 30KVA diesel generator set every hour. Is a lot lesser than that of a petroleum Generator? There are likewise eco-friendly and can deliver more power per liter of diesel than the generators running on some other fuel. 

Low Maintenance cost: 

30KVA DG Sets ordinarily don’t have any sparkle that connects their motor. In different sorts of generators, these are the parts that require customary upkeep and substitution of segments. The nonattendance of these in a 30KVA DG set implies that they require low upkeep and are incredibly tussled free. Consequently, by purchasing a 30KVA DG set you can save money on a lot of upkeep costs. 

30KVA Generator Structure: 

The 30KVA generator sets are intended to be dependable. Their rough and solid plan makes them perfect for activity considerably under troublesome conditions, without requiring ordinary support. 

You can choose a model contingent on your necessities and can then effectively get it from the market. 

Low Noise: Soundproof technology

30KVA generator sets are made insignificant noise. Fabricate spread the 30KVA generator by the soundproof shelter, with the assistance of covering we can diminish sound level. Their enclosures are attached to be soundproof and cause the least vibrations. This makes them condition agreeable and perfect for activity in local locations.


A power outage is a rare experience and is usually caused by unusual or irregular situations. This means a backup power generator is an important part of our life for living a comfortable life. 30KVA generator is the best option for your business and industrial power backup needs.

If you want to get a generator on rent or buy a new generator you can contact our EO Energy team.

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