Opinion Essay Writing

Guide to Opinion Essay Writing

Essay writing is a detailed and well-organizes process. Most students find it difficult because they are unaware of the steps needed to craft an essay. During your academic life you will be required to product different types of written content. Narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository are some forms of essay writing. Here we are talking about opinion essay in particular. So, to begin with we will first explore what are the specifics of this type.

What is an Opinion Essay?

An opinion essay is assigned in the form of a question. It is focused on urging the writer to share their perspective about a certain topic. Students are required to be expressive with their thoughts in a concise manner. They must also provide opinions regarding the issue at hand with rational logic. Some opinion essays also ask for references to support the writer’s arguments.
Three common errors made by student in opinion essays

The first and often made mistake while writing this type of essay is when no clear opinion is stated. The given question will state either side of the argument should be chosen by the writer. Failing to incorporate this in your essay can cost you marks that could have been obtained otherwise.

The second error is to provide arguments regarding both views. In an opinion essay you must follow a single train of thought. Decide which stance you are going to take regarding the issue and stick to it. Develop your evidences and arguments only around that viewpoint, whether its for or against it.

Lastly, avoid the mistake of not providing authentic reasons to support your opinions. The material you choose as evidence should be logical and lend validation to the points you have presented. Not building a strong support will weaken your essay overall no matter how good your arguments are.

Structure of an Opinion Essay

Let’s move on to the structure used in writing an opinion essay. It is quite simple and easy to understand even for beginners. If you know the framework you must follow it can help speed up your planning process. Which enables you to write a winning essay. Students can also contact our excellent essay writing service for further help. So, without further ado here is the structure you need to follow.

  1. Introduction

A well-defined introduction contains three sections. You need to start by paraphrasing the question you have been given. This will help readers know about the background of your essay in your own words. Make sure to use engaging vocabulary to attract the readers. They must find the beginning interesting enough to read the rest of your essay.

The next thing to do is forming the thesis statement. In an opinion essay, this is the part where you state whether you agree or disagree with the issue. Unlike other essays this is all you need to include in a thesis statement meant for this essay type. Keep it simple and just make clear your position on the topic you are about to elaborate.

The last part of the introduction is the outline statement. Here you need to refer to the two basic points you are going to present in your essay. It can be a single sentence long or can be added to the end of the thesis statement. On the whole, your introduction must display that you understand the topic question. Alongside letting readers know the premises of your essay. It also helps you to keep your ideas on track and focused in the right direction.

Body Paragraphs

Again, the main paragraphs of an opinion essay also consist of three parts. A body paragraph will begin with a topic sentence. Topic sentences provide a summary of the main idea explained in the paragraph. The play an important role in making sure that your ideas transition logically one after another. It can be perceived as a signpost for the next thing to come and what the paragraph will focus on.

The next section is the explanatory part. You must elaborate and provide ample information regarding the concept of the essay. It will describe to the reader the point of view you are bringing forth on the topic. You need to expand on the idea to make it clearer and more plausible.

The final part of the body paragraph is the example which supports your argument. Make sure your example is relevant and believable. It must be powerful enough to persuade the reader about the perception you are building. There are usually 2-3 body paragraphs required in an opinion essay. All of them will follow the same pattern.


The conclusion focuses on two main things. You need to summarize the points you have made and then finally state your opinion. It might be the easiest part yet also the most important one. It must neatly tie up all your arguments and connect the ideas with each other.

This was our guide to writing an opinion essay guaranteed to obtain high marks. Any confusions regarding the writing process can also be dispelled by contacting our assignment writing service. Our experienced writers collaborate with you and assist you in writing the best content on any topic. All you need to do is reach out and submit your requirements.

Writing an opinion essay is not an overly difficult task. With the right guidance you can achieve success in it. But similar to any writing process you must practice following our given pattern. The structure and the way your thoughts are organized in the paper matters a lot. The final draft needs to be concise and should present all your arguments very clearly.

Remember to not hesitate in explaining your opinion in detail. This is the main purpose of the essay. Without a certain perspective you cannot develop the ideas needed to make it a successful piece of writing. Focus on the question and remain on the position you take up in the beginning of the essay. By doing that you will ensure that your instructor rewards you with top marks for your efforts.

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