Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Reviews | Dipika’s Interview: Let’s Hear From Her

Content Writing Course can be considered a booming career for any writer if they have the basic skill set and knack for language and the style of writing. This career helps writers to learn about online marketing, SEO and the digital world. 

With the introduction of digital marketing and SEO, content has become the most efficient way to promote one’s company’s brand into the digital sphere. High-quality and consistent content writing is surely a priceless way of conveying information to the readers.

Let us talk to Dipika, who has completed her content writing certification course from Henry Harvin. We invited her to share her Henry Harvin Content writing course reviews and also tell us about her learning experience.

Question 1. Dipika can you please tell us about yourself?

Dipika’s Answer: Hello I’m Dipika. I have always wanted to pen down my thoughts effectively since I love writing. That’s the reason why I joined Henry Harvin’s online content writing course – to improve upon my writing skills.

Question 2. Tell us something about Henry Harvin’s content writing course?

Dipika’s Answer: I couldn’t believe that a content writing course could teach me so much. I gained a lot of knowledge from Henry Harvin’s content writing course. This course has been an amazing learning experience. I have finally learned to put my thoughts on paper in a meaningful, well-thought-out and innovative manner. Now I’m very much confident to write any kind of Content easily.

Question 3. How was your content writing course trainer Dipika?

Dipika’s Answer: Urvashi was my mentor in this course. She is very experienced, polite and helpful. Her ways of teaching were very effective and of course, she made concepts easy to understand. I will never forget all the activities included by Urvashi ma’am in the class to enhance learning. I would like to really thank her for the amazing sessions and discussions.

Question 4. Since you are a fresher in content writing, how do you plan to proceed?

Dipika’s Answer: Henry Harvin Education has already planned for that. They offer internship opportunities to all their students. I learned and benefited a lot from Henry Harvin education’s internship program.  Henry Harvin also provides 100 % placement assistance for them. We receive weekly job opportunity mails from them. This definitely has helped me to plan my career as a content writer.  

Question 5. Would you recommend Henry Harvin’s content writing course to others?

Dipika’s Answer: I will definitely recommend the course to others. I’m very sure that doing this course was a sensible decision for me. The course is simply incredible. It cleared all my apprehensions and doubts about content writing.

Henry Harvin’s content writing course did boost up my confidence. My trainer’s feedback helped me to improve my writing skills. The course assignments pushed me to do better every time. I really would like to thank Henry Harvin and my trainer. I will definitely recommend Henry Harvin’ content writing course to other writers. I am sure they too will benefit from this course like I did.


This is what Dipika has to say for Henry Harvin Education and for the content writing course offered by them. We thank Dipika for her delightful review of Henry Harvin’s content writing course. Her review gives us a good understanding of her experience at Henry Harvin and also about Henry Harvin’s content writing course. Aspirants who want to learn more about Henry Harvin’s content writing course will certainly benefit from her reviews. 

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