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Henry Harvin TEFL Course Reviews: Getting a TEFL Certificate Online

Henry Harvin TEFL is one of the most well-recognized and outstanding online TEFL course providers and today I’ll give my honest Henry Harvin TEFL course review.

I am Ema John and I completed Henry Harvin’s 120 hours online TEFL course to earn my first ESL credentials. I was prepared to build up to become a prosperous English educator both in-person and online mode.

This Henry Harvin TEFL course review is based on my personal experience getting certified with the Henry Harvin TEFL course and why I suggest you take their online course too.

Why I chose the  Henry Harvin TEFL Certification Course?

In 2018, I decided I was going to become an English educator and I hoped to educate both online and in-person in China. I had found some awesome job chances, but all the jobs expected a TEFL diploma, and at that time I am not TEFL certified.

I wanted a TEFL course which could cater to my requirements:

  • Must be online mode
  • Must be globally accredited
  • Must be affordable fee
  • Must have instant admission

Online Learning

This was necessary.

I wanted to take a TEFL certification course online and The Henry Harvin TEFL program offers this option.

Globally  Accredited

One of the important reasons I selected the Henry Harvin TEFL program because they are recognized worldwide.

I knew my English teaching career was going to span working for several multinational organizations and I didn’t want to risk my TEFL certificate not being accepted, thus being forced to obtain another one.

At least when you’re qualified with the Henry Harvin TEFL programs, you feel that you’re not going to face any problems with employers because the Henry Harvin TEFL certification course is authorized from the AAEFL( American Association of EFL) UKAF, UK Cert, MSME & Government of India. Henry Harvin Academy provides its TEFL certification globally and is known as a trustworthy TEFL Academy.


The fee of a TEFL course is important to the final judgment. After considering several TEFL providers, the Henry Harvin TEFL program matched my budget and provided considerable value for what I was searching for.

The variety of affordability and its simple online course system was appealing to me. The price of the Henry Harvin 120 hours TEFL program is $299.


I didn’t expect to commit to joining a TEFL program before I had secured a job opportunity. To get around this I want “currently joining” and “TEFL to be finalized before starting employment” on my resume.

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This meant once I was employed, I had to complete a TEFL course and soon!

So, a big aspect when selecting the Henry Harvin TEFL program was instant admission upon enrolment. And while most learners take between 4-6 weeks to finalize the program, I finalized the course in 4 weeks.

What is included in The 120 Hour Online TEFL Course?

There are many TEFL providers but the Henry Harvin TEFL course only offers online flexibility.

However, this course includes everything you expect from the best TEFL program as well as more than expectations. 

Course Units

  • Class planning
  • Educating English vocabulary
  • Educating pronunciation
  • Proficiency English grammar
  • Education willing skills: Listening and reading
  • Teaching profitable skills: Speaking and composing
  • Principles of education English as a foreign vocabulary
  • Study materials and assistance for teaching English/classroom supervision techniques
  • Utilizing resources effectively when educating English in foreign countries 

Extra Resources

  • Case researches & case studies 
  • Resume and cover letter assistance
  • Employment sites and help
  • Assist to find jobs in foreign countries 
  • 1 years free membership of Henry Harvin TEFL program 

The Henry Harvin TEFL Academy Vs Other TEFL Provider

Choosing the right online TEFL certification course can be a hard task. There are several TEFL providers out there and it can be tough to find the good one.

After a lot of analysis, the Henry Harvin TEFL course fitted me best due to its clarity, pattern, and global recognition.

There is also reassurance that your credentials with the Henry Harvin TEFL course will be accepted all around the world.

Henry Harvin TEFL Academy: Pro & Cons

Overall, my Henry Harvin TEFL course review is based on my experience which was positive with the Henry Harvin TEFL course.

I was prepared to get a highly-recognized TEFL credential in just 4 weeks and I’ve worked for more than 15 different organizations with my certificate without any problems.

My main issue with the Henry Harvin TEFL course was upon completion. I was overseas, and Henry Harvin TEFL Academy sent out a digital copy of my certificate to my email address, but I needed a hard copy to send to my employer.

They expected to charge me an extra cost to receive a hard copy of the certificate, which I found a little bit frustrating. Eventually, I understood my situation and received a hard copy of my certificate.


  • Well-structured course
  • Highly recognized and accredited globally
  • Affordable fee
  • Instant entry with study materials
  • Employment assistance
  • Lots of additional resources
  • One year free membership
  • Class recorded video


Extra charge for the hard copy of the certificate. 

Conclusion: Do I Recommend The Henry Harvin TEFL Academy?

Yes, I recommend the Henry Harvin TEFL  to aspiring English educators who want an easy-to-follow program with a credible provider.

This diploma is favourable for working for international organisations as it’s widely recognized within the ESL society.

Overall, I got really what I expected from Henry Harvin TEFL: a quick and clear course I could attend at my own pace.

If you’re eager to teach English in foreign countries whether online or offline, the Henry Harvin TEFL  is one of the best choices in my opinion. If you want more information then you can also search on Google, there are several positive feedback.

4 Replies to “Henry Harvin TEFL Course Reviews: Getting a TEFL Certificate Online”

  1. Nice Blog.
    Thanks for sharing your review.

    I was looking for an institute which could enhance my English and help me to get dream abroad job.. Initially was hesitating to enroll in the course just coz I was already got disappointed with many courses provider… But hearing your experience about the course, I get to overcome my fear.

  2. Good interview!

    I completely agree with your Henry Harvin TEFL course reviews .

    I would highly recommend to everyone to join the Henry Harvin TEFL course to improve their English and develop teaching skills. I really learned a lot from here. Being a current student I can see transformation in my knowledge and skill to teach in the classroom. There are a lot of things I have learned from this course and the journey is still going in.

    1. I was searching for a TEFL certification Course which could improve my English and assist me to get the best job in a foreign country… After read your experience about the Henry Harvin TEFL Certification course and I think Henry Harvin is suitable for me

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