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How to pray on Prayer Rug

A prayer rug is an item of cloth, sometimes a flat pile wool rug, used in prayer during the Muslim religion and also some other religions. It is said to be a sacred cloth that is provided by Allah to His devotees as a way of blessing them for their good deeds done and helps in enhancing spirituality. The prayer rug comes in various colors like white, green, red, blue, black, brown, cream, ivory, jade, glass, and silver. They are created with different designs and with or without embellishments. Some pray rugs even come with prayer beads and coins attached to it. Rugs are often placed on the prayer rugs seats so that one may kneel down and have closer proximity to Allah.

Muslim prayer rug comes in different styles, shapes, and sizes. They are either knitted or made from synthetic material. Some of them are handwoven, while others are machine-made. There are also carpeted Ottoman prayer mats available in various colors and designs. This Ottoman is also called a prayer mat or a prayer carpet and can also double up as a prayer rug if your rug is big enough.

One of the most commonly used prayer rugs is the 2.5 ft 4 ft Ottoman which is also known as the “Hajar mat”. It has a comfortable lining and is available in various colors. This particular prayer rug is very much popular in Egypt and is considered to be of high value.

There is also a praying mat of the same name which is sold in a very good bargain. It too is available in various colors and has a soft, comfortable lining. The price is slightly more expensive as compared to the two other types of Islamic prayer rugs. The “Hajar expanse” is a prayer mat which is similar to the two earlier mentioned products. However, it is constructed of thicker, softer material. The Kaaba expanse is a cube of carpeting that has an opening on all four sides.

Another type of prayer rug is the “Hajar said” or the “sacred prayer rug”. This type of Islamic prayer rug is usually big in size and measures approximately twenty-three feet by fifteen feet. It is made up of plush material and comes in blue and red colors. The said is also known as the “axis of Islam” or “axis of guidance”

A prayer rug, as the name suggests, is placed over a prayer mat. The word “mud” in the name is from the Arabic language. This type of carpet is considered to be a sacred carpet due to the fact that the Holy Book is written in Arabic. The early Muslims used this carpet as a platform to worship Allah. During the early days of Islam, it was customary for every Muslim to carry one with them at all times. The mihrab had the similar characteristics with the prayer rug, however, it was placed upon a platform rather than over a prayer mat.

The carpet is believed to have been developed as early as the 16th century. The carpet was used to spread the eid prayer during the Hajj rituals. This would be done by spreading the carpet over the ground, covering it with stones. After the prayer, it would be folded once more and kept aside.

The prayer rugs can be bought from most furniture shops, prayer rugs online, and any number of other sources. There are also a few specialty stores online dedicated to the sale of Turkish mementos. An individual interested in purchasing a memento from the early days of Islam should note the difference between the contemporary rug and the Ottoman Turkish prayer rug by consulting an expert.

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