Your Small House ‘Bigger’

Ideal Ways to Make Your Small House ‘Bigger’

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Homeowners usually construct larger houses than they literally should in order to carry all of their things. The issue with a lot of houses in the build-up of too much stuff, rather than a lack of space. Whether your house is big or small, it’s important to get rid of all the excess things so that you may be able to enjoy the things that can be stored away or just hidden among the clutter. Your Small House ‘Bigger’

Plenty of people nowadays are choosing to build smaller houses because it comes with a smaller price tag, smaller footprint, together with less maintenance and cheaper utility bills. Some people are also choosing to live in smaller houses because they are earth-conscious and want to restrict the footprint they make on the planet. More people are discovering that having less square footage doesn’t mean the house will be less comfortable. If you’re downsizing or just wanting to live in a smaller house, here are several aspects to consider to make the small house feel bigger. If you like to know what these tips are, then keep on reading! 

Have More Storage 

One of the best important features of any small house is the requirement of having bigger storage. Even though square footage may be limited, everyone needs a place to put all of their “stuff.” There are plenty of innovative ways to include storage in any room. Built-ins are great since they come in a multitude of different ways. Shelving can be added to almost any room. If you prefer do-it-yourself-ers, then you can search for places where you can buy these parts that can be easily put together. For instance, your kitchen can be also outlined to also maximize the storage space with cabinets and shelving. 

If you are renting a unit, furniture can produce the required storage space. There are coffee tables that come with openings for storage, hutches, chests, and decorative trunks that can all give storage. Today, storage units of every type are now available at a cheaper rate from wardrobes to shelving units to kitchen and bath storage units. Your Small House ‘Bigger’.

Measure it Down 

When looking for furniture for a small space, it’s all about proportions. To make your space roomy, just leave a little air in between the sides of your furniture and the walls. But your bed can be the only exception, a queen positioned between two walls can create a cozy sleeping ca

You can also avoid putting heavy and weighty pieces that consume too much of the functional space in the room. For instance, you may opt for a sleek sofa or chair that will provide you as much sitting room as its overstuffed cousin but will occupy much less of your room. If you wish for a huge, statement piece, the best thing to do is to hang it on the wall. Never take up valuable living space by putting it on the floor. 

Natural Lighting the Key 

Light is one essential requirement to make any house feel bigger than it is. The best lighting is the natural one. New home builders will suggest that building your house with great natural lighting has amazing benefits—such as affordable utility bills and comfort. Either you have plenty of artificial lights or numerous windows, bright rooms appear bigger. 

Having skylights can also increase the brightness of a room. Clerestory windows for small rooms are placed high up on the wall to provide plenty of light while not taking up a lot of needed wall space and can offer privacy. 

The Higher the Ceiling, the Better

Having high ceilings can make the smallest room look bigger and airier. Usually, architects design houses with cathedral ceilings or just extra high ceilings to counteract the small space of the rooms. 

Mirror! More Mir

Your Small House ‘Bigger’

When it comes to discussing the needs of small spaces, it must include the plan of using mirrors to create a better sense of openness. The ideal thing about mirrors is that they don’t only reflect light, but they also reflect the view, thus, deceiving the eye into perceiving more space. 

Ignore Drapes and Rugs 

This is the same with mirrors! It’s all about tricking the eye. You may want to ditch the curtains since it can stop the eye from taking in the view outside, even if they don’t cover the whole window. Drapes and curtains will just add more “clutter” to space. By getting rid of them will keep the space simple. So if you’re looking for alternatives then consider opting for shutters or lightweight mesh or cloth blinds. But if curtains really work for you, then you may utilize a bar that extends far beyond the window frame, so you can completely expose the window. 

Meanwhile, if you are looking for rugs, just opt for rugs that are simple and minimal to also avoid adding more “stuff” to the room. Your Small House ‘Bigger’.

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