Prayer Rugs

The Importance of Prayer Rugs in Muslim Homes

Prayer rugs, also known as Islamic rugs, are used in many homes today. They come in different styles, shapes, and colors to suit all taste and personalities. We will briefly discuss the meaning of prayer rugs. Then we will discuss how they can be used to make a home more Islamic.

The main purpose of the blue prayer mat is for comfort. It is because whenever stand up, especially long hours have to be held on large toes. So, it is almost like laying weight on your legs, which is extremely painful, especially if you’re a non-standing type of person. Wearing a wool rug helps prevent this by absorbing the extra pressure and weight. Wool rugs are also resistant to moisture, stains, and fading so they can be used for longer.


Some of the additional functions of these carpets are that it serves as an Islamic floor covering, is available in a variety of sizes, has the ability to help with veiling, acts as a wall hanging, serves as a head rug and is even waterproof. In addition, Islamic prayer rugs are made from durable materials that are both elegant and warm. One is able to get all the benefits of a wool carpet with none of the drawbacks. This is available in a wide variety of price ranges.


Islamic prayer rugs are available in a variety of styles. They come in single and double weave. Single weave prayer rugs are the cheapest. They also tend to be the least durable. However, the quality is not sacrificed and they tend to last longer. Double weave prayer rugs are considered to be the most durable and luxurious.

Prayer Rugs in Muslim Homes

It is suggested to buy cheap prayer rugs and use them only for decoration purposes. They are not intended to be a source of comfort or warmth. If you have a carpet at home that you use as a prayer mat then buy an expensive rug. This would mean that you have to sacrifice the comfort factor for the visual appeal factor.

You will find that there are many imitations of Muslim household carpet, as well as other types of prayer rugs. Some people like to purchase the actual product of the carpet that they intend to use in their house. This carpet will have the same weave as that of the Muslim household carpet, but may have the manufacturer’s name embroidered on it. For example, if the rug is made by Oriental Carpet Company then it will have the name of Oriental Carpet Company printed on it.

Prayer mats gift in Pakistan are usually made using wool, silk, and cotton. Cotton is used in different types of prayer rugs as it has the best comfort level. Tools can also be used but it is usually made with the sole intention of making it more stylish. The patterns usually made on the prayer rugs are normally geometrical in nature.

Woven prayer rugs are usually very expensive. They are normally imported from the east and are therefore quite costly. However, the biggest advantage of such rugs is that you do not have to worry about them getting dirty because they keep getting cleaned regularly. You can also wash and dry them very quickly; this means that you can carry on with your daily routine while keeping your prayer rugs clean. The wool prayer rugs are quite delicate, but they are easily cleaned and you can carry out regular washing and drying procedures. You can ensure the cleanliness of the mat or carpet by regularly taking the mat out from the house and cleaning the surface.


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