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What Kind of Yoga Mat Should You Use?

Yoga, a widely considered workout form is not only just some exercise done daily to keep you healthy, but it is also a form of art that only some of them are actually able to pull off! Just like how you need to wear a glove while playing cricket from not injuring yourself, in a similar way it is important that you use a yoga mat for your safety while performing this art of yoga! Yoga mat being of various types is quite hard to choose from. This leads to the question of what kind of yoga mat should you use? Well, in other words, which yoga mat will be your partner in this journey of yoga? In order to decide this, there are certain factors that need to be considered.

Some of the factors that play quite an important role in getting the right yoga mat are stickiness, durability, thickness, and much more. However, apart from this, the material is also to be checked out from which the yoga mat is made to get a proper idea of which one could be the best to use.

Types of yoga mats available:

Yoga mat can be made of a variety of materials and can be listed as below given:

  1. Rubber from trees:

Rubber from trees is a natural product and is also considered to be biodegradable. It also allows a person to get a good grip and is biodegradable hence not letting the environment get affected in any way. Due to its long durability, it is considered to be one of the options you can choose from.

  1. PVC:

The synthetic plastic polymer is used in the formation of these mats. These even though quite cheap are harmful to the environment due to their low sustainability and their non-biodegradable nature. This has also led it to be one of the most used yet not so recommended mats.

  1. EVA yoga mat:

EVA yoga mats are one of the mat types you can get at MatsHut which is not only of the best quality but is also in the fair and reasonable price range. MatsHut being a custom yoga mat manufacturer assures it, customers, about the quality of mats they get. This mat is one of the mats which is quite in demand due to its great performance among the customers who have already used it. These mats have a really good feel to them apart from providing perfect stability to your yoga poses.

Why choose EVA yoga mat:

Even though PVC might have made its way to the market quite fast and has grown incredibly, people do not tend to think of those what bad effects they could have not only on the environment but also on their health! This has led to EVA yoga mats creation. This mat is not considered one of the best mats for just any reason but there are some of the important points that make it one of the most desirable mats you should check out! The highlights of this yoga mat can be given as follows:

  1. Long durability
  2. Provides the required stability
  3. Is environment friendly
  4. Prevents from slippage while doing yoga poses

These highlights add onto the existing benefit of using this yoga mat.

Why choose MatsHut?

MatsHut is a yoga mats supplier in Delhi which is a platform where you can check out great yoga products. Yoga mats are an essential object when doing any yoga sessions. It is also equally important that you choose the one that matches your yoga level. Based on your expertise level, MatsHut provides the best yoga mats that will provide all the features you are looking for. With such a service being provided you can never go wrong with your choice of yoga mats. Apart from providing environment-friendly yoga mats, MatsHut aims at providing budget-friendly options.

Final Words:

So, the answer to the question what kind of yoga mat should you use. All depends on your choice of yoga mats. If you are among those who really care about the environment and are also looking for mats. That will fit your budget then there is no better option than getting an EVA yoga mat through one of the best yoga mats supplier in Delhi, MatsHut.

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