Lenovo IPS Monitor Review

Lenovo Q27q-10 27-inch QHD IPS LED Monitor Review

The Lenovo Q27 monitor is one of the modest IPS display monitors that will be adequate for your daily routine. Whether placed for home-office use, or more sort of a casual routine, this monitor delivers good-quality results. But the ergonomic capacity of this Lenovo monitor isn’t kept at its best. So, it could be a little harder tilting, adjusting, and pivoting the screen panel.  Additionally, this monitor isn’t really built for gaming but if you are a casual gamer, you can enjoy games on it. Lenovo IPS Monitor Review.

Our Lenovo Q27q-10 review will examine the specs, features and how good they can be for different purposes. 


  • Resolution: 27 in2560 x 144075HzQHD 
  • Response Time: 4 – 5ms 
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 
  • Refresh Rate: 75 Hz 
  • Connectivity: HDMIDP 

Design & Build 

The first look at Lenovo Q27q identifies that it is an ultra slim monitor that will look great for a workstation setup. If you need it to be placed on a proper office desk, it can be a great support along with other PC components. The monitor’s frame is crafted with a bezel-free display and a silver packaging. The base of the monitor also comes with a thin silver surface which is a bit rounder on the edges. 

It is not easier to rotate the screen, but you can conveniently move it backwards and forwards. The adjustment of the monitor is mostly static, so it won’t be able to pivot around. There is a firm metal mounting which lets the monitor stand solid on your desk or even on the ground. 

There are four buttons on the front panel along with the power button on this monitor. You can use them for settings, volume adjustments and such basic functions. The other ports including USB Type A, B and HDMI are adjusted on the back of the panel.   


The screen comes with a full HD Resolution of 2560 x 1440 and has impressive quality for wide-viewing angles. With an In-Plane switching plane, it is easier to view the display via multiple angles, and so it’s rather a comfort. Above all, the brightness of this monitor is 350 nits at its peak which isn’t bad at all for normal working conditions. The response time by the screen isn’t as quick as some of the very good monitors. It provides an average time span of 4 to 5 milliseconds which you will find commonly. 

On the screen, the dark and light shades have a nice, crisp quality even in the shadows. When you vent into bold colours there are vivid, bold hues to get attracted to, and you can binge-watch your favourite videos. The shadow details in most of the colours are sharper than expected. The gray-scale performance of this monitor is good enough and there is no colour shifting that you can observe. 

Features & Functionalities 

The Lenovo Q27q gets into the lineup of decent displays with its list of good enough features. The monitor comes with AMD Free Sync which is best for advanced colour contrast. It helps the screen to showcase brighter, crisp, and vivid colours on the screen. The AMD Radeon Free Sync technology helps boost the screen performance and you are more prone of getting smooth, flicker-free display. 

Another feature that comes packed with the Lenovo Q27q is the TUV Rheinland technology, which reduces excessive blue light emission. This helps the viewer to watch the screen for longer hours without any probable strain on the eyes. Lenovo IPS LED Monitor Review.

Own Tea Brand

Not usually found in monitors, the Dolby Atmos speakers in this Lenovo monitor play a great role. These speakers are good enough for bass sounds and watching your favourite videos in louder audio. The monitor also comes attached with the additional ports like HDMI and Display port. 


All in all, there are couple of factors that make the Lenovo Q27q a good option to pick for your daily digital chores. The combination it gives with its spec range and their performance is sufficient for modern tasksFrom its QHD Resolution to the 1440-pixel IPS display, you will enjoy watching regular movies or playing video games. It is great for its budget and delivers best value for money, so if you are following a certain budget, this is a decent option. Lenovo IPS LED Monitor Review.

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