Custom Mailer Boxes

Can Custom Mailer Boxes Make a Difference in Your Sales?

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Unlike traditional boxes, mailer boxes are used when you need something lighter. The lightweight packaging material helps you lower your cost and increase your proceeds. For this reason, Kraft is considered one of the best materials to create product packaging. Best of all, it is sourced from natural materials, which helps you make your custom mailer boxes environmentally friendly. 

And tell you what, eco-friendly packaging is one of the hottest trends these days. More and more brands are embracing eco-friendly packaging boxes. One of the key reasons behind it is that people are more conscious than ever to keep their environment clean. As a result, they prefer to buy from brands that package their products in eco-friendly boxes.   

Here’s how you can exploit the power of wholesale mailer boxes.

Use Custom Mailer Boxes to Promote your Brand 

If you are scratching your head to come up with a brilliant marketing strategy, it’s time to use the custom mailer boxes. It will work as a walking billboard. Plus, there are countless ways to build your brand name with bespoke mailer boxes. Customers do note how you have packaged their orders, even if you ship your products in dull and boring cardboard boxes.  

Unfortunately, dreary cardboard boxes fail to create excitement. Instead, they force customers to buy from the competition that pays heed to everything, including their packaging. So think of your mailer boxes as a marketing estate and use every inch of it to promote your brand and mesmerize customers with an incredible unboxing experience.  

If a promotion is already active, make sure to print it on your custom mailer boxes. Remember, online marketing has its own charm, but your packaging can do the same job. It’s an excellent way to tell your audience about on-going brand promotion. For example, you can add your sale offers for specific events such as Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, and other important occasions to drive sales. 

Your competitors are already using these tactics, so why you are holding back. When you print your exclusive sales offer on your wholesale mailer boxes, it will create excitement among your customers. At the same time, it will intrigue others to check your offer when they spot your mailer boxes in the hands of the customers.        

Create Strong Brand Identity by Personalizing Mailer Boxes

The online marketplace selling has drastically increased of late. More and more product sellers are now selling their products on the internet, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak. People are also placing more orders online to comply with social distancing measures. As a result, product sellers are also focusing on dispatching their products in exquisitely design boxes to offer their patrons a delightful experience. 

Most businesses are using custom mailer boxes to ship their products because it keeps the products safe and make the customers excited about their order. Even established brands that sell products online have started using customized mailer boxes to ship their products. To customize your mailer boxes to your liking by picking a design, size, color, and finishing that best works for your brand. Here you can free guest post site.

The endless customization choices will give you a competitive edge and distinguish your brand from the rest. Even a custom color palette can make your mailer boxes stand out. All you need to do is choose a unique color combination and associate it with your brand, so whenever your audience comes across that palette, it will remind them of your business. This association is extremely important if you want to create a strong brand identity. 

Set Your Wholesale Mailer Boxes Apart with Exceptional Finishing 

For premium items, it’s crucial to have an elegant packaging solution or at least have a package that has an exceptional finishing such as aqueous coating, spot UV, etc. A premium finish will prove helpful in influencing your customers and boosting the perceived value of your brand by projecting it as a business that is super conscious about maintaining high standards. 

However, defining the best finish or look isn’t a manufacturer’s job. You need professional assistance to come up with a design that will knock the socks off your customers. The packaging suppliers have extensive experience in carving product boxes and they will suggest you only the best solution that will work in favor of your brand. 

The high point of engaging a packaging company. Is they will give you the desired packaging within. The designated timeframe and budget, so you won’t have to worry about spending extra bucks. Furthermore, when you hire a packaging firm, you don’t need to engage. A graphic designer because companies like the Legacy Printing offer free design services to their customers.    

To get a feel of the design, you can ask for a digital mock-up to see how it looks. 

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