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Affordable Slow Motion Camera

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With camera innovation headways, the moderate movement abilities of cameras these days are mind boggling. You can discover spending cameras that can shoot in top notch 120 edges for each second (FPS) in 1080p. There are even mirrorless cameras now that can shoot 60 FPS in 4k at 10-piece 4:2:2, which is stunning considering only a couple of years prior these video specs were just accessible in proficient film cameras. Slow Motion Camera.

On the off chance that you’ve quite recently begun your exploration, my expectation with this article is to furnish you with everything the data you require to assist you with finding the affordable slow motion camera

As I generally state, the one thing to recall when putting resources into camera gear is that making fascinating and artistic recordings isn’t a direct result of the rigging, this is a result of you, the producer. The correct apparatus can support you and make it simpler for you to accomplish your vision, however. 

1. Sony RX100 VII 

The Sony RX100 VII is one of the most remarkable minimal cameras at any point made and it has some incredible moderate movement video abilities. It’s anything but an exchangeable focal point camera, be that as it may, the 24-200mm long range focal point it has will cover you as a rule you’re shooting in. 

For moderate movement outline rates, you can take shots at 60 FPS, 100 FPS, and 120 FPS in 1080p. What makes this camera stand apart from the group, however is its High Frame Rate (HFR) mode permitting you to shoot up to 960 FPS in 1080p in short sprays. 

As the seventh era RX100 camera, it accompanies the as good as ever sensor, which gives you about similar self-adjust capacities as Sony’s most top notch camera, the Sony a9. This implies you get continuous self-adjust and face and eye following when shooting video, which is extraordinary to have. Here you can Best Slide Scanner 2020


  • 24-200mm long range focal point which will cover you by and large you’re shooting in. 
  • A new sensor that gives you about a similar self-adjust and face and eye-following as the premium Sony a9 camera. 
  • High Frame Rate (HFR) mode which gives you the adaptability to shoot up to 240 FPS, 480 FPS, and 960 FPS at 1080p. 
  • Pretty great self-adjust when shooting in moderate movement outline rates. 


  • It’s as yet a simple to use reduced camera so you can’t change the focal point and it has shorter battery life. 
  • You can get the Sony a6500 with an a lot bigger sensor size in addition to a decent focal point at a similar cost. 
  • The little size could make steadiness an issue particularly in case you’re zoomed in at a more drawn out central length. 
  • Records at 16 – 100 Mb/s when shooting in moderate movement which is not exactly the likewise valued and better specked out Fujifilm X-T3. 

2. Fujifilm X-T3 

The Fujifilm X-T3 is an APS-C sensor camera like the Sony a6500 and the Sony a6600 in this article. Despite the fact that Fujifilm has not generally been known for delivering cameras for video work, this is certainly one worth investigating. 

It accompanies some truly mind blowing video recording modes, particularly on the moderate movement side. For moderate movement outline rates, you can take shots at 60 FPS in 4k, 2k, and 1080p and record inside at 10-piece 4:2:0, which is insane considering the value point it is at. Slow Motion Camera.

You will likewise locate a High-Speed Record mode in this camera which will permit you to catch moderate movement film up to 120 FPS at 200 Mb/s versus the 60-100 Mb/s that you find on the Sony cameras. Once more, entirely stunning considering its comparable value highlight the Sony RX100 VII minimized camera. 

What truly makes this camera extraordinary, however, is its film reenactment modes that permit you to imitate exemplary Fujifilm film stocks like Previa, Velia, and Eternal with only a tick of a catch. 


  • Amazing excellent moderate movement video recording modes, for example, 60 FPS in 4k recorded inside at 10-piece 4:2:0. 
  • High-Speed Record mode accessible that permits you to shoot up to 120 FPS at 200 Mb/s. 
  • A wide choice of novel film reenactment modes that copies a portion of Fujifilm’s most famous film stocks. 
  • It is an incredible all-around esteem at the cost point it is at. 


  • There is no in-body adjustment. 
  • The self-adjust framework is substandard compared to the Sony cameras. 
  • The battery life isn’t tantamount to the Sony a6600, Sony a7III, and Panasonic cameras. 
  • There is a 1.2x yield when shooting 60 FPS in 4k and 1.3x harvest when shooting 120 FPS at 1080p 

3. Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 

The Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera is one of the most impressive video explicit cameras accessible. It’s so popular for what it can do with video. That numerous individuals consider it the destitute individual’s Red Cinema Camera. What makes this camera incredible for shooting video is the distinctive codecs you can shoot in. Specifically, you have the adaptability to record in 4 distinct adaptations of ProRes 422 or. Blackmagic Raw codec all in the camera. 

Without diving into the specialized subtleties, both these codecs are proficient level and permit. You to catch the most data conceivable in your video. This gives you significantly more adaptability on the off chance that you intend to shading evaluation or shading. Right utilizing a video altering programming in after creation. In all different cameras in this value go, recording in ProRes 422 or a Raw arrangement. Is just conceivable in the event that you record remotely to a video recorder. Slow Motion Camera.

As far as moderate movement video, here are for the most part the alternatives you have. It’s truly mind blowing and is the main camera in this article can shoot 4k at 120 FPS. 


  • A super-incredible camcorder that permits you to shoot ProRes 422 and Blackmagic Raw codec legitimately in the camera. 
  • The just 4k 120 FPS camera in this article. 
  • An immense measure of various moderate movement outline rates accessible in various codecs. 
  • Very adaptable powerful range and performs unbelievably well in low light circumstances. 
  • Wide assortment of focal points accessible at various value focuses as its a Micro Four Thirds camera. 


  • You should get extra frill, for example, outside memory, rig, outer screen. And outer batteries so as to truly boost the capability of this camera. 
  • It is exclusively for video so on the off chance that. You had plans to utilize your camera for both video and photography, this is certainly not a decent decision. 
  • There is no picture adjustment and the self-adjust isn’t awesome. 
  • You will require a huge amount of capacity to hold the ProRes 422 and Blackmagic Raw video records. 
  • It is a Micro Four Thirds sensor versus the APS-C and full-outline sensor cameras in this article. 
  • Almost 2x crop when shooting in 120 FPS.

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