Must Know Benefits of Kapalbhati on health – How to do it


Erectile dysfunction, famously known as impotence, includes problems where men’s intromittent organ cannot get enough erection. Therefore, an individual cannot hold or get an erection, which ultimately reduces the bed’s actual time that does not satisfy the intimacy partner.

Maybe it is one of the most common problems which are usually seen in men. Erectile Dysfunction affects one’s closeness with his partner. Alternative medication is suggested to cure this problem, but you can adapt to yoga as a natural method for erectile dysfunction. 

How Kapalbhati help for ED

This is shown to be the primary solution which can help to improve ED in men. Individuals currently looking for yoga ( Kapalbhati ) seem to be looking for a natural method to treat Erectile Dysfunction instead of any drug/medication.


Is Kapalbhati effective for ED?

Experts and researchers state those regular activities and reduce weakness of pulses because of Erectile Dysfunction. So the fact is to confirm that if you are suffering from the problems of Erectile Dysfunction, you can go for some effective yoga asanas such as 

Kapalbhati to cure it. It will also help those who are on Sildenafil Citrate 150 mg for severe cases.  Here I am adding step by step procedure of Kapalbhati yoga asanas. for ED

Step by step procedure to do Kapalbhati Yoga asanas

Sit on the floor and overlap your feet. Maintain a straight spine and close your eyes.

Maintain the right palm on the right knee and the left palm on the left knee.

Currently, take a full breath and breathe with all your strength so your stomach will dive deep inside.

When you breathe by mumbling sound, you can find out that your problem arises from your nose.

Try not to stock up breath. 

Rehash this procedure for 5 seconds and rest. You can expand the ideal time to 15-30 minutes.

Should not practice quickly. The training speed must be medium.

 Pros. of doing Kapalbhati

Kapalbhati clears the breathing section and makes it liberated from the basement, and removes excess body fluids.

beneficial in treating colds, rhinitis, sinusitis, and bronchial disease.

refreshes the nerves in the stomach areas, rubbing stomach organs, and increases absorption.

builds the boundaries of the lungs.

It turns on the nerves in the hull, kneads the stomach organs, and increases absorption.

Calm the mind and get control over your mind.

helps in weight reduction.

Support in losing weight.

Avoiding all the misery, Kaplbhati brings positive reflections to your body.

It can cure respiratory infections like asthma, hypersensitivity, and sinuses.

Kapalbhati helps to cure obstruction, diabetes, asthma, various respiratory discomfort, sinuses, and even baldness.

Fix kidney problems and reduce high creatinine levels

Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is caused by various factors, which include mental health or infertility pressure. This sexual problem of erectile dysfunction is usual among men of 40 years. The possible reasons for erectile dysfunction must be analyzed to be ideal for getting the proper treatment; either it is medications like Generic Levitra 40 mg or natural methods you are going for.

Vascular infection (vein)

Erection is caused by blood development in the axis of men’s regenerative parts, and constricted blood flow in the area screw up in the body. Veins can be harmed because of the course’s compaction, and because of this, one can experience erectile dysfunction in their bodies.

Nerve damage

The nerve’s good work is needed for men to  get an erection. Nerve damage can also be checked whether someone experienced diabetes, different sclerosis, spinal strap injury, and prostate medical procedures.

Mental Stress

Sexual problems can also hinder various unknown mental factors and issues such as tension, errors, wretchedness, fear, and suppressant factors.

Study shows that mental stress plays a significant role in arising problems like Erectile Dysfunction. 

Some people experience Ed, remembering the actual social pressure, and it also brings relationship problems with their partner.

Hormonal problems

Abnormal hormone behaviour or reduce the size of chemicals for sexual cravings such as testosterone, thyroid chemicals, and pituitary chemicals can also cause erection problems in men. They immediately influenced Moxie and interfered in erections.


Studies and research show that kapalbhati is effective for treating erectile dysfunction, some precautions must be taken,

Pranayama in the morning or evening, but remember that you have to do this on the void stomach. High pulse patients must practice this at the initial level, which means three respirations every 5 seconds, and you will see that respiratory power increasing. 



we suggest to practice Pranayama under a specialist yoga educator’s supervision after letting them know about your well-being.

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