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A Complete Comparison on Paid and Free Parental Control Software

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This is the digital era, and every kid wants to spend most of the time on digital devices. Because the internet provides information around the globe, connects us with the world, and gives us a chance to search the hidden facts about the universe. But parents are afraid of the evil side of the internet, and they want to protect their kids from cyber threats; cyberbullying, online predators, inappropriate content, etc. Paid and Free Parental.

This is the major reason which has increased the demand for parental control app. But the debate is still at its initial stage about the comparison on the paid and free parental control software, but do not worry because we have come up with a list of parental control app. Let’s have a look at them and find out about the quality services. 

Free apps provide limited features compared to the paid apps.

Features that free parental control software offers:

  • Set the time limit: When the parent sets the time limit for device use, the app will lock the target mobile phone or tablet, and the kid can’t use the device until the app turns it back on. 
  • Add content filters: Free parental control allows the parents to add the content filters which filter the content, including drugs, violent games, adult content, etc.
  • Location tracking: Free parental control app provide limited features in which location tracking is the best potential way to watch your child.

And many more!

Which free parental control software is a good choice?

FamiSafe: This app is a good option for parents, which provides more features than we ever expected. Parents can check on the web browser history, set the specific keyword to restrict the adult content search, hack the contacts, block the access of the inappropriate website, etc. It provides efficient services and gives peace of mind to the parents. 

Kidlogger: It is an android compatible app which lets the parents set the internet usage limits to provide a secure internet environment to the kids. Parents can keep track of their kid’s locations and can monitor their online activities.

Spyrix Free Keylogger: A non-intrusive app, which let the parents keep an eye on kids secretly. It will help to gather the data from the target device and detect any suspicious activity. This app will work in the background and will not shake the child’s confidence. 

Features that Paid Parental Control Software offers:

Paid apps always bring advanced features and give more efficient services than free apps. It provides basic features for free, but you have to buy its advanced features. Let’s find out about its advanced features. Here you can Convert Website to Mobile App.

  • Geofence: Advanced features include the geofence option, let the parents mark the unsafe zone. Such apps send the notification if a child enters an unsafe zone so that parents can take action immediately. 
  • Social Media: Teens spend most of the time on social media. But the excellent news is that paid parental control software lets the parents follow their every activity.
  • Block any kind of payment: If your child will buy anything online, then this app can block the payments (Installing new apps, buy fresh games, etc.).

And many more!

Paid parental control app you should try?

Norton Family premier: 

This is a paid app but provides efficient services and advanced features, including screen time, web activity, Mobile apps, location, geofence, and many more. An android compatible app provides a 30-day free trial and easy-to-use control panel. 


TheWiSpy is an android compatible app, lets the parents keep the track of kids and aim to offer a secure environment. It allows the parents to block access to violent games, add content filters, microphone surroundings, etc. 

Comparison between paid and free parental control software 

If you think free apps are enough to control your kids’ online activities, then you are wrong. Because free apps provide limited features that are not enough to track the kids. If you want to track every activity on the target device, then paid parental control app can help you and let you provide a secure cyber environment to the children. This way, parents can save kids from cyber dangers and threats. 

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