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How Online Physiotherapy Consultation in Australia Works

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Although you cannot replace the benefits of hands-on treatment from your specialist physiotherapist, time constraints from work and home life can sometimes make it difficult to attend the clinic. Online physiotherapy consultation in Australia offers you a great alternative and benefits. Your online physiotherapist will discuss your injury or pain with you in detail and combined with a guided movement assessment and testing, your physiotherapist will be able to establish a comprehensive diagnosis. Your physiotherapist will then be able to provide you with guidance and advice, including a self-treatment plan and detailed exercise program.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Online Physiotherapy?

The majority of musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries, post-rehabilitation programs, and some neurological conditions are suitable for online medical consultation.  Most injuries and conditions involving joints and soft tissue respond very well to the right type of exercise program and expert advice.

Online physiotherapy sessions can treat conditions such as:

  • Low back pain – disc bulges, acute low back pain, and muscle spasm
  • Knee pain – runner’s knee, tendon pain and rehabilitation after surgery
  • Shoulder pain – dislocations, rotator cuff tears
  • Neck pain – pinched nerves, disc bulges
  • Hip pain –  post hip replacement, acute pain in your lateral hip, groin tendon and hip arthritis
  • Muscle weakness- hamstring tears, calf tears, quadriceps tears

Online medical consultations allow you to consult with expert physiotherapists without having to leave your home or workplace. They will provide guidance and clarity on your injury, help you get out of pain, and set you up with a detailed plan to get you back to what you love doing.

Treatment Methods

During your online physiotherapy sessions, you will have an assessment to help determine what help you might need. The main approaches an online physiotherapist may use are:

Self Treatment Education (STE)

One of the main aspects of online physiotherapy involves looking at your body as a whole, rather than focusing on the individual factors of an injury.

Therefore, giving general advice about ways to improve your overall health is an important part of treatment. A good example is taking regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight for your height and build.

An online physiotherapist can also give you the specific advice that you can apply to everyday activities to look after yourself and reduce your risk of pain or injury.

You may be told to avoid awkward twisting, extreme body stretching, or prolonged standing.

Movement And Exercise

During your online physiotherapy sessions, your physiotherapists may be advised movement and exercise to help improve your mobility and function. This may include:

1. Exercises designed to improve movement and strength in a specific part of the body – these usually need to be repeated regularly for a set length of time

2. Activities that involve moving your whole body, such as brisk walking or light jogging – these can help if you’re recovering from an operation or injury that affects your mobility.

3. Exercises carried out in warm, shallow water (hydrotherapy or aquatic therapy) – the water can help relax and support your muscles and joints while providing resistance to help you gradually get stronger

4. Advice and exercises to help you increase or maintain your physical activity – you will be advised on the importance of keeping active, and how to do this in a safe, effective way.  Your online physiotherapist may propose indoor cardio and strength training.


Online physiotherapy consultation in Australia offers many advantages beyond convenience. If you value privacy or live in a remote area, you’ll find it this service ideal. Also, if your work schedule can’t allow. You to spare a few hours of your day to get such help, you will find this service helpful. There are a dozen more reasons to try it. Speak to a good online physiotherapist in Australia to learn more. 

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