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One of the most difficult competitive exams is IAS. But, using a well-defined strategy, the IAS exam can be a piece of cake. Here is a list of suggestions on how you can plan to start your studies for IAS Exams from scratch.

1) Be thorough with your syllabus

Be thorough with the prescribed syllabus for UPSC. There is a detailed syllabus for you to study. Choose relevant books and study materials suitable for your studies as per the curriculum. 

2) Stick to a Time Table

Devise a suitable schedule and adhere to it. Read a national newspaper early morning. Study the hardest topic in the morning as you will concentrate highly in the morning hours. Take short breaks between studying throughout the day. Also, engage yourself in some physical activity, painting, watching movies every day. 

3) Don’t underestimate the power of NCERT

The NCERT books from class sixth to twelfth should be your best companion. You can learn the basics from NCERT books. Many times, questions come directly from NCERT. After studying the NCERT textbooks, your next target should be some advanced textbooks for specific topics.

4) Develop the habit of reading Newspapers

You cannot miss reading the newspapers when you are preparing for a competitive exam, and that too, when it is IAS. Keep yourself abreast of current affairs. Government policies, bills, elections, international issues, etc. should be on your tips. The Hindu newspaper is the best newspaper for this purpose.

5) Notes, diagrams, flow charts are a boon

Prepare concise notes and bullet points whenever you are studying. The UPSC syllabus is soin-depth, that you cannot remember everything. These notes will work as a savior for you when exam time is near. Try to keep different notebooks for different subjects. Here you can best education guest post site.

6) Last Years’ Question Papers can save you

Solve last years’ UPSC question papers. This will help you in getting a rough idea about different types of questions and their level. You will understand which topics of the syllabus are UPSC’s favorite. Also, you can figure out how strong your preparation is. Vajirao Institute is the best IAS coaching in Delhi which gives you high-quality education for test preparation.

7) Remove exam phobia

Make it a habit to attempt multiple mock tests at regular intervals. The enough you take these, the more it will boost your confidence level. You will slowly develop clarity on how to handle pressure during exams in a stipulated time-frame. If you are not going to coaching, this can be your climbing ladder to success. 

8) Revision is important

Your ability to crack IAS exams will depend on revisions. Before starting a new portion, have a look at what you learned earlier. Make revision slots in your daily time-table. Otherwise, you will keep on learning new concepts and forgetting the old ones. Finish your entire syllabus at least before a month of the examination so that you are left with a lot of time for revising concepts. 

So, if you have just started working towards the IAS exams from scratch, these suggestions may prove beneficial for you.

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