Proton Therapy: The Life Saving Innovation!

Brain tumour patients in India are rising steadily. There are an increasing number of cases with the passing time in various age groups. According to proton therapy the statistics from 2018, brain tumour was the 10th most commonly found cancer in Indians.

With the increasing number of patients, India has become the 16th country to offer therapy to its patients. This reduces the risks for second cancer in young adults. With the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, centres for proton therapy for brain tumour in India are set up with all the additional features.

Brain Tumour is a serious condition and can be dangerous too if not treated and detected at the early stages. According to IARC, The International Association of Cancer Registries, around 28,000 cases of brain cancer are reported in India in a year. Out of which 24,000 patients reportedly die annually.

Read the subheads mentioned below to know what exactly the tumour is and how to prevent the same. Also explore the details about proton therapy for brain cancer.

What Is Brain Tumour?

Knowledge about brain tumours is mostly drawn out by people from tv serials or movies, which is manipulated and based on fiction. Even in real life, people do not have essential information related to proton therapy treatment in India. People out there often believe that all the tumours are cancerous. They will either kill the patient or result in a coma, which is not true.

Before scrolling out to the details of tumour and therapies, let’s first clarify the difference between tumour and cancer. Tumour refers to the uncontrolled growth of cells in solid tissue such as the muscle, bone or organ. Whereas cancer refers to a disease in which cells in any part of the body divide uncontrollably.

Brain tumour is the sudden and fast growth of abnormal cells in the brain. These abnormal cells are tumours, and a similar tumour also occurs in the Spinal Cord. There are two types of tumours:

  • Benign Tumour: Benign Tumours are not cancerous and tend to grow in only one place. They do not invade or spread around to the other body parts. They can only be dangerous if they have pressure on vital organs of the body, like the brain.
  • Malignant Tumour: Malignant Tumours are cancerous, and the cells for the same grow at a very fast pace. They can also spread around the healthy tissues of the brain, infecting them too. These fast-growing cells hold power to destroy and invade adjacent structures too.

Apart from this, there are two types of brain cancers. Primary Brain Cancer originates in the brain. Metastatic Brain Cancer starts from the other body parts and spreads to the brain. Proton therapy for brain cancer is an effective treatment to the disease, details listed below.


Causes And Symptoms For Brain Tumour:

After extensive research to determine the cause behind brain tumours, the facts are still hidden and unknown. Uncontrolled Cellular Multiplication is thus revealed to be the most common cause for tumour. It is either caused by mutation or change in DNA.

Mutation affects the genes making the unwanted cells die and control the cell divisions at the correct time. This leads to the uncontrollable growth of cells resulting in brain tumour. Other risk factors that may increase the chance of brain tumour include:

  • Exposure to Radiation from CT scans and XRAYS. Nuclear Plants, Power lines, Phone and cell towers also emit these radiations harmful for the health.
  • Being obese or overweight also increases the risk of the developments of certain kind of brain tumours.
  • People who already have a history of cancer, either in their childhood or adult years, also possess the increased risk of brain tumours.
  • Increased age can also be the risk factor for the same.
  • Exposure to certain harmful chemicals during work or living also increases the chances of brain tumours.

Seizures, headaches, vomiting, blurred vision, confusion, clumsiness, weakness on only a part of the face, memory loss, behavioural changes, drowsiness, and many others are found to be the common symptoms for the disease. Apart from these symptoms, men and women also have some specific symptoms indicating the same.

What Is Proton Therapy?

Treatment of Brain Tumours is done with extreme précised technology with proton therapy for brain cancer. It is an effective treatment for certain types of brain tumours. The therapy delivers high doses of radiations to the tumour with utmost accuracy.

This treatment works to eliminate the cancerous cells from the brain. It also minimizes the exposure of these radiations to healthy, non-targeted surroundings of the brain. This thus reduced the risk of potential side effects after the treatment. It also provides patients with the benefits of extremely precise tumour eliminations.

What Are The Benefits Of Proton Therapy?

Pencil beam technology, providing high degrees of precision, is an essential part of proton therapy. During treatments, guidance for a narrow beam of the proton is done. It focuses the highest energy of the beam to the location of the brain tumour. Along with this, the therapy also helps in:

  • Confirming the size, depth and shape of the tumour.
  • Carrying out the process with limited radiations preventing exposure to surrounding paths.

Proton Therapy Candidates:

Proton Therapy for Brain Cancer is an effective treatment for the sensitive parts of the brain. This opts when conventional therapy is no longer the best option for the treatment. The accuracy of this treatment is also useful in the treatments of:

  • Tumour found near the sensitive areas of the brain.
  • Patients with Benign Tumour.
  • Cases with the history of recurrent brain tumours after the treatments.
  • People who need postoperative therapy.

After the entrance of radiation to the body targeting the tumour, administering of fewer radiation is done. After the beam hits the tumour, elimination of radiation protects the nearby tissues.

Is Proton Therapy Safer Than Traditional Radiations?

Proton Therapy for Brain Cancer is an effective and safer treatment as compared to traditional radiations. Below mentioned points will give you the reasons for the same:

  • Traditional Radiation treatment possesses the high risk of affecting nearby tissues, proton therapy minimising this risk.
  • Proton therapy is an expensive affair but is justified with the facts of its unmatched and increased advantages.
  • After the treatment, side effects with proton therapy are less as compared to traditional radiation treatments.

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