QuickBooks Error H505

QuickBooks Error H505

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The H505 error of QuickBooks represents an issue with the multi-user hosting arrangement”. At the point when a client attempts to open a company document on a PC from another PC, the H505 error is an issue. 

Quickbook Error h505 

The QuickBooks error code H505 is essentially a code having a place with an error group that happens when clients endeavor to get to an organization that isn’t on their framework. The mistake can likewise happen when the client attempts to get to the document that isn’t designed effectively. The H505 error code is one of the codes in the arrangement, including the mistake codes – 6000 82, H101, H202, and H303. These errors may show up for a similar explanation. 

What is causing the QuickBooks Error Code H505? 

  • The .ND document is degenerate 
  • Wrong hosting settings 
  • At the point when you attempt to get to the record put in another framework, however, the product doesn’t arrive at the server 
  • The QuickBooks programming can not speak with a mutual association. 
  • When endeavoring to open the organization record put on another PC, however requiring extra establishment.  

Note:- Learn How to fix QuickBooks Error code 6190 and 816.

Methods to fix Quickbooks Error H505 

Method 1: Create another company file 

  • Initially, create a folder on the host PC. Presently share the first envelope and Windows get to consents to share the organization records. 
  • In the event that you don’t approach the advanced PC, contact a certified PC master. 
  • In the new organizer, duplicate the .qbw document back to multiuser mode. 
  • You would now be able to open the company record. 

Method 2: Open Network Ports Used by QuickBooks to Share Knowledge· 

Configure firewall settings 

  • Access the Windows Firewall settings and right-click Windows Option to tap on the dashboard. Presently type ‘Firewall’ in the hunt bar and press Enter. Snap Windows Firewall and tap the Advanced Settings option.· 
  • Go to one side and right-click on “Outbound Rules” and select “New Rule”. 
  • Tap Ports, and afterward tap Next.· 
  • choose TCP, and in the particular local ports, enter the accompanying ports: 
  • For QuickBooks Desktop 2018 – 8019,56728,55378-55382 
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2017-8019,56727,55373-55377 
  • For QuickBooks Desktop 2016-8019,56726,55368-55372 
  • For QuickBooks Desktop 2015-8019,56725,55363-55367 
  • Tap on Next and select the ‘Permit association’ alternative 
  • Click on Next to type the name in the name field and press Finish. 
  • Rehash stages 1 to 5 for the approaching principles. 
  • Presently come back to the multi-client mode and open QuickBooks. 

Enable Network Search

  • To begin with, open the Control Panel, and afterward tap System and Security. 
  • Tap the Windows Firewall 
  • In the left sheet, explore to Click Allow Application/Associated Feature on the Windows Firewall (in the event that you are on the Windows 2012 server). 
  • Tap the edit  
  • Select Network and press OK. 

Method 3: Check Hosting and Services 

Check the accommodation 

  • Open QuickBooks on every workstation (it isn’t the server or the host PC) 
  • Next, select File and press Utilities. 
  • On the off chance that you see multi-client access on the rundown, this PC doesn’t have the organization document. 
  • On the off chance that you see have multi user access on the workstation, you can change to the following PC. Here doesn’t transform anything. 
  • On the off chance that you see Quit facilitating multi user get to, tap this alternative. 
  • On every PC, repeat first three steps


These are the Easy and simple three methods to fix QuickBooks Error H505. By applying these methods your error will be solved. But If you are still facing the same issue then you find a QuickBooks pro advisor who will help you in finding the best solution for your QuickBooks Error H505.

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