Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About School Admissions By Parents Relocating To Abu Dhabi

The city of Abu Dhabi is home to nearly 3 million people and out of that expatriates form the major part of the population. Every year scores of people migrate to School Admissions Parents relocating to Abu Dhabi with their families. 

Without a doubt, Abu Dhabi being the capital of UAE is a beautiful city to live in but one concern every parent has before making the big move is whether they will find good schools for their children to study in. 

Abu Dhabi has around 185 schools with 16 different curriculums but most ex-pat parents prefer to opt for private International Schools for their children. As a matter of fact, many International School Admissions Parents Relocating are constantly evolving and adding more and better curriculum to cater to the expanding ex-pat community. 

However parents always want the best for their children and when it comes to School Admissions Parents Relocating, the standard, quality of facilities, teaching style, infrastructure, fees,  language, curriculum all makes a big difference. 

Let’s take a look at the top 5 frequently asked questions by parents for making the right School Admission decision for their child. 

Q1) Which is the right school for my child? School Admissions By Parents Relocating.

Ans ) In Abu Dhabi you will find International Schools that provide different curriculums; British, IB, American, Indian, German, Australian, Canadian, UAE, etc. 

When you are browsing for School Admissions Parents Relocating, make a list of schools that meets your child’s educational needs and the curriculum that best suits him/her.  Do your research thoroughly and make an appointment to visit the school. You can either take a virtual tour of the School or meet the administration department in person. 

And it’s always best to refer to the reports given by The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), which is the government organization responsible for regulating international schools in Abu Dhabi. 

A helpful tip – Most ex-pat parents opt for a school curriculum that reflects the characteristics found in their home country’s education system. 

Q2) How Old should my child be to attend School in Abu Dhabi?

Ans) According to ADEK, all children attending international schools must be aged 4 on 31st December if they plan to join a school with a September to June academic year, or aged 4 on 31st July for Indian, Pakistani and Japanese schools that commence their academic year in April.

Q3) How to find a school for my child that is budget-friendly?

Ans ) To be honest Education in Abu Dhabi is not cheap, especially when it comes to opting for private institutions.

However, this is also because the quality of education in International Schools in Abu Dhabi is one of the best in the nation. But we cannot ignore the fact that the fees for every School Admissions Parents Relocating differ as per the standard of education, curriculum, location, infrastructure, academic track record, facilities, etc. 

For example, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi School that follows the British curriculum is one of the most expensive schools with an annual fee of Dhs96,333. It is commonly seen that International Schools that have British, American, and IB curriculum are the most expensive, while the Indian International School fees are comparatively budget-friendly while providing the same quality of education.

For example Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi has an annual fee of Dhs13,450 and they follow the Indian and Montessori Curriculum. 

Q4) Once I find the right school for my child, how do I apply? School Admissions Parents Relocating

Ans)  Here are the steps you need to follow

  • Once you have taken the virtual tour and got the complete information, then you fill the application form 
  • Next step would be providing the required documents, making an appointment for your child’s assessment, and paying the application fees. 
  • Once your child clears the assessment, then you are required to pay the tuition and term fees to reserve the seat. Unless you make the payment on time, your child’s admission won’t be guaranteed. 

Q5) What documents do I need for my child’s admission?

Ans) The documents needed are – Birth Certificate, Passport copy of the child and parents, Proof of residential address, immunization records, School Admissions Parents Relocating Transfer certificate, etc. Schools do not admit children without getting required documents, but they do give time to parents to acquire them.   


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