The Significance of Trademarking a Brand

Trademarking a business is the genuineness of a business’s reputation. A trademark can be a logo, phrase, slogan, word, or tagline that makes a brand and its products and services quirky. Any scale of a business can be trademarked to prove its authenticity and uniqueness. It stands as the true identification of any business.

Purposes of a Trademarking

The main function of a trademark is to make customers recognize a business’s credibility, and its goods and services. However, it also carries out the main following functions.

  • It offers to ensure the quality of a product
  • The helps customers in recognizing the product and its origin
  • He is advertises and represents a product
  • It helps in building a positive image of a brand’s credibility in the marketplace. Therefore, customers are more likely to consume such products
  • Once you have registered your trademark, no other organization has the right to use the exact or similar trademark for their business. You can register a trademark logo design 
  • It works as an asset for a brand’s credibility. When you sell a reputed trademark, you can receive a good amount for the brand’s name

What Happens to Goods That Are Not Trademarking Registered?

Products that are not trademark registered can make your customers confused that the brand and its services are fake and not genuine. Therefore, you need to find reputable custom logo designers to get your logo registered. Here is a list of some cons that an unregistered trademark holder has to suffer.

  • It can be used by any company or organization
  • You will have to bear heavy charges for the infringement case because you are the owner of an unregistered trademark
  • Since you have an unregistered trademark, no one in the marketplace will recognize your products and trust in the authenticity of your brand
  • You will have to pay additional charges to prove your identity to the trademark searches since no one knows about you in the marketplace
  • An unregistered trademark is more likely to create confusion or deceive customers with fake products and services
  • You have limited legal rights when you are an unregistered trademark owner. However, a registered trademark owner enjoys numerous benefits under the Trademark Act, 1999

What is Brand Authenticity?

Authenticity, in general words, means genuineness and realism. And this is the exact image your customers should have about your brand and your products and services. You need to make sure that if your brand commits with your audience, let’s say, the quality of the products you are delivering, make sure that you are offering them the best and high-quality goods.

You can always look out for genuine ways to ensure that your clients never doubt your brand’s authenticity. Be sure that building your brand is not the only significant thing you are always concerned about. You also need to maintain your business’s reputation, and this is only possible when you never compromise on the quality of your goods and services. 

Always keep in mind that the actual image of a business is the perception of its customers. And this is an essential part of making a business successful. Do they think you are an eco-friendly, customer-centric, or modern brand? Or what if they think you are a fake brand that does not deserve their trust? Of course, every entrepreneur and business owner wants their brand to be trusted and known worldwide.

  • Be Honest

They say honesty is the policy, so if you want your consumers to trust your business. Then make sure you are transparent to your customers. Research shows that millennials are less trusting than any other generation. Being honest to your customers’ means you are expressing your true self to your consumers. You can have a more precise and better version of your brand’s life.

  • Prosperous Logo Design and Trademark

This is the essential part of making a brand known across the world. Always make sure you get your logo designed by a reputed logo design company that also trademarks it. This is also another way to prevent other businesses from using your logo design. You have sole ownership to the trademarked logo. 


Trademarking is a sign that speaks about a business’s reputation and where it stands. It is a great source to communicate with customers about your business’s values, mission, beliefs, and vision. It also helps customers in decision-making while purchasing a product.

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