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Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in India

Have you ever wondered about what technical writing courses is all about? | Technical Writing Course

Everything that helps you to understand the technical terms and it’s used in day to day life can come under the term technical writing. Suppose you have bought a new device and you are unaware of its functional details. In such conditions, the user manual provided along with the device is the first thing you look for. This manual helps you to understand the function of the device in some language. This can be one of the examples of technical writing. Similarly, if you come across a research paper explaining combinations of computer languages and you don’t have any idea about it then the write up that makes you understand what exactly the researcher wants to convey is also technical writing.

In this tech-savvy world, everyone wants to know about the technological updates but in a very simple and crisp manner. Thus the technical writing is becoming more and more helpful and popular. If you look at it as a career option then technical writing training can prepare you for the industry.

Six renowned academies offering certified courses for technical writing are listed below.

Henry Harvin | Technical Writing Course

Henry Harvin is amongst the best academies offering certified online technical writing course. The academy is known for its global exposure and quality education. You can master in transforming technical information into user-friendly and specific words. Clear documentation of complex technical language can not only make the user’s life easier but also can deposit huge knowledge in your subconscious mind.

The technical writing course by Henry Harvin is a well-designed combination of skill upliftment, interactive classes and practical knowledge from expert trainers. The academy assists you right from the learning process to interview skills for job opportunities. Both online and offline modes of teaching are available here. The academy has one of the best e-learning systems. Various tools required for technical writing are covered under the curriculum. You get to refine your writing skills and improve citation.

The membership of the academy brings the benefits of a learning management system (LMS), recorded videos of the sessions and much more. 100% placement assistance and CTRW credential after completion of the course can help you to step into the opportunistic world of technical writing.

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Oregon state university

Oregon state university offers verified technical writing courses and it’s one of the most popular and effective courses. You can get the skill of writing well structured contextual documents. To explain the complex ideas to the target audience. The university is one of the recognised universities in India for its management and learning environment. You can opt both online or offline learning patterns according to the convenience. The university focuses on introducing all aspects and genres of technical writing to the learners. The academy holds good traffic for learners every year.


If you are looking for a comprehensive technical writing course and quality education then communicated could be the option. The academy not only covers the basics of technical writing. But also highlights the practical ways of writing. The course can be advantageous to create user friendly and we’ll write technical documentation. Communicaid introduces its students to the updates in technical writing and mode of writing. You can enhance your hold on the language to convey more in fewer words through the technical writing course.

Society for technical communication

Society for technical communication includes the members across the globe. It is one of the oldest and reputed associations which has created its widespread network of professionals and practitioners. It carries award-winning publications and most attended STC annual conference which is popular in the field of technical writing.

The certified professional technical communicator program offered by STC can give you access to this vast industry. This course can upgrade your skills and can give a global approach to writing.

Emphasis | Technical Writing Course

Emphasis is the academy which works for precision and better understanding. You can get in-depth knowledge about how to convey complex concepts in a precise manner yet in simple language. You can get the benefit of pre-course writing analysis.

Well designed curriculum and regular classes from experienced trainers can boost your confidence. The certified Course from emphasis brings various job opportunities which can uplift your career.


If you want to learn from the basics of technical writing. Then the technical writing course offered by Udemy could be the best. Udemy has its reach to the users spread across the globe. It offers various other certified courses along with the technical writing course. The academy offers online learning courses which can be accessed from anywhere. You need not search for various study materials as Udemy provides the best study modules to support your learning. 

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