Top Universities For MBBS In Russia

If you want to study MBBS abroad, Russian universities are some of the best universities. Study MBBS in Russia’s best university As you already know, Russian universities are ranked 20th in the world ranking. Russia has many of the best medical universities to study MBBS. Far eastern federal university (Dal’nevostochnyy Federal’nyy Universitet) is one of the top MBBS universities. There are many reasons to enter this university. They have the most excellent faculty at the top of the medical university. They also provide shelter facilities for their students with an attached kitchen, toilet, and bathroom. It has a low and moderate fee structure. Therefore, those who want to study MBBS in russia can enter Bashkir State Medical University.

Facilities Provided

Bashkir State Medical University also offers many facilities to its students. There are four hostels provided by the medical universities for MBBS in russia with 1600 students. Two or three students can share the space. The university also has a suitable bed system for students. The hostel rooms are fully furnished and have central heating and air conditioning. Separate rooms are for boys and girls. The University also provided Internet services. All hostels are very safe as the university’s priority is safety and security.

It provides a perfect environment for studies and leisure for students. There is an Extracurricular Department in which many games are included. For example, classes in soccer, volleyball, basketball, weightlifting, chess, and mountaineering. There are summer sports camps held by universities every year. It is located on the picturesque bank of the Belaya River. Both staff and students can spend their summer vacations there. In the summer camp, there are boat trips, playgrounds and saunas, and many more.

Documents Required Getting Admission

The following documents are required for admission to Bashkir State Medical University:

  • Original education certificate translated into Russian from your country. Legalized education certificates from your country Original copies.
  • Certificate of recognition of a student from your school. Recognition means granting the holder of the document the right to continue their studies at another university.
  • Academic record from your university (if you are transferring from another Russian university).
  • Certificate for another basic course (if necessary).
  • Copy of your national passport (notarized and translated into the Russian language).
  • Original copy of the student’s birth certificate (notarized and translated into the Russian language).
  • Student’s health certificate. It includes the results of the X-ray and physical examination of the student).
  • The student’s HIV test certificate is required.
  • You need medical insurance for documents.
  • 15 passport size photographs of the student (colored with a white background or in black and white)

Admission of MBBS course: 2021

  • University location: Russia, Ufa
  • Time required for admission to MBBS from 45 to 60 days
  • NEET: Neet is required for all students.
  • Eligibility criteria: 60% required PCB qualifications for general
  • Ranking of universities: Country – 124 World – 4341
  • Annual tuition fees: Rs 3.1 lakhs
  • Medium of education: Medium in English
  • Course duration: 5 years
  • University recognized by: WHO, MCI

Admission process for MBBS in Russia

  1. Applicants must first complete the form available online.
  2. Students must present a certificate of completion, a birth certificate, a copy of their passport.
  3. Students will receive an admission letter or notice from Bashkir State Medical University after submitting all documents.
  4. After that, the students must pay the registration fees through net banking.
  5. The Russian Migration Service Department will start issuing the official invitation letter or notice to the students. For a study on the confirmation of admission by the respective universities.
  6. Lastly, students must visit the consulate of the Russian Federation in their country to obtain a student visa. Only after receiving an admission letter or notification from the University of Russia.

The Bottom Line

Now students must decide their medical trips to become the best doctor from Russian Top University. Students previously have so many benefits to learn MBBS in Russia. You must look for the best university in Russia. And must apply for entry after checking the feasibility criteria. So don’t delay the MBBS in russia study at the highest medical university approved by MCI without donations.


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