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Types of knee replacement surgery in Pakistan

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Knee pain is the most unwanted issue that affects walking activities and unease life. But more or less this issue does arise because of many reasons. Today we are standing at a point where knee joint pain is very common not among elderly people but the young generation is also getting effect by knee pain. Poor diet, busy life, a sports injury, or accidental bone-cracking may lead to knee replacement surgery. 

Anatomy of a healthy knee

Before going further let’s go through the structural arrangement of the knee joint. Connecting femur I.e. hipbone to the tibia i.e. is shinbone is a knee joint. As far as its working is concerned it performs a function like that of a hinge joint. Moreover, the meeting points of. The bones are covered with cartilage for easy movement of joint providing frictionless surface. 

Under what circumstances knee replacement surgery is essential

It’s the most crucial point to decide whether you need knee replacement surgery or not and when is the right time for it? Get the guidance of a doctor if the pain is unbearable and incurable even after taking medicine and doing exercise.

Your doctor will guide you through the type of knee replacement surgery needed after examining your condition. 

Types of knee replacement surgery

There are four types of knee replacement surgeries:

Total knee replacement

This procedure is also known as knee resurfacing as only the surface of the bones is replaced. The knee is split into three portions i.e. medial, lateral, and patellofemoral. Unfinished knee replacement also appreciated.

As a unicompartmental knee replacement is done. When one out of three teams is damaged. Along with cartilage. The little amount of bone is also removed and artificial metal components are fixed in the place using bone cement.

Afterward, the undersurface of the knee (patella) is cut to place. A plastic button for resurfacing. For avoiding friction and ensuring easy movement of joint. A plastic spacer is placed between the metal components. 

Partial knee replacement

The knee is split into three portions i.e. medial, lateral, and patellofemoral. Unfinished knee replacement also appreciated as a unicompartmental knee replacement is done when one out of three teams is damaged. The damage may occur due to arthritis or some kind of injury.

Studies showed that mostly the patellofemoral (kneecap) part is affected. As only a part of the knee joint is replaced. The procedure is carried out through a small cut.

Unlike total knee replacement. Where a bit larger incision is made for inserting artificial knee.

Researches showed partial knee replacement does not last for a longer period in a few cases, 1 out of 10 patients head-on for revised surgery after 10 years.

Moreover, your doctor may recommend total knee replacement over partial knee replacement as the surgery procedure is complex. Though the interference with the whole knee is less but operation is complicated. 

Knee Injury doctor in Lahore provides Partial knee replacement surgery proves to be beneficial for old age people as they can tolerate the pain and bleed less.

Being small in size, the wound heals faster and gets back to normal functionality after a quick recovery. Young patients have to face less bone wastage through surgery which makes it favorable if they need a revised surgery. 

Patellofemoral Arthroplasty

Patellofemoral joint arthroplasty or in simpler words kneecap replacement is recommended. When the patella and trochlea under the kneecap are damaged by arthritis.

The probability of arthritis to affect remaining knee parts increases after this surgery but surgery proves advantage if arthritis does not advance further.

Some surgeons prefer patellofemoral arthroplasty for the reason to protect healthy knee compartments while others suggest total knee replacement to avoid any complications.

It’s not a much complex surgery thus recovery is quick after the operation. 1 out of 40 patients suffering osteoarthritis is suggested to go for this operation. 

Complex knee replacement

If arthritis reaches to its severity or if the patient is having knee replacement surgery second or third time, complex knee replacement is recommended.

Reasons which led to opt this type of surgery are a large amount of bone loss because of arthritis or fracture, knee deformity, and weakness of ligaments that play a significant role in the evolution of the knee bone.

A stem bit longer than usual size is inserted. In the bone cavity to fix the components properly. More stability is gain by Interlocking components with the knee center to make a hinge joint.

To replace the damaged parts of the knee joint extra components made of plastic or metal are incorporated if needed.

Things to observe after surgery

After knee replacement surgery observing stiffness, pain, or swelling are the common issues that diminish after a month or two. But if an infection develops in the operated joint, immediately consult the doctor for help before it gets worse.

Some famous knee injury doctors in Lahore to consult are Prof M A Wajid, Dr. Muhammad Bilal, Prof Dr. Tahseen Riaz, and Dr. Saeed Taj Din.

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