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How to Search and Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a platform used by millions of users but now twitters is taking a step forward and now cleans the inactive user and create a more engaging platform for users. Twitter mentions that if any Twitter accounts have shown prolonged inactivity, they will be removed from Inactive Twitter Account.

We want to say that people should actively log in and use the account when they register on the account. To keep yourself active you should use it at least for 6 months continuously.

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The active Twitter accounts may do the activity like tweeting, retweeting, and try to connect with other accounts. However, inactive users have not done any type of activity over the months. 

As a Twitter user, you should connect to those who are using it properly and those who are active and contribute well to your feed. Then again, you would not have any desire to hamper your follower-following proportion by following inactive Twitter accounts.

How to Search Inactive Twitter accounts

It is difficult to find particular inactive user accounts. Unless you pen every and every Twitter profile and check their last tweets and retweets. On the other hand, it’s still difficult to comprehend if an account is inactive because not all indications of an active account can be seen by analyzing downs their Twitter profile. Therefore some tools make it easy for you to identify inactive accounts. The efficient tool is Circleboom.

Unfollow Inactive Twitter accounts with Circleboom

Circleboom is a complete Twitter management tool that assists you in cleaning your Twitter account by unfollowing inactive, fake, and spam Twitter accounts. It helps you create a strong Twitter network by following accounts that are similar to your niche. Other than this Circleboon is a Twitter unfollow tools used to schedule tweets, automate RSS feed and get your Twitter analytics.

Some steps to unfollow Twitter account:

  1. Login to your Circleboom dashboard by verifying your Twitter account. Circleboom accounts take a few seconds to sync your account information and take you to the Circleboom dashboard.
  2. After you reach the dashboard, click on the Unfollow tab in the left corner. All the Twitter accounts that are not active or tweet in a month are listed as inactive Twitter accounts by Circleboom. From the drop-down menu select inactively and now the Circleboom page is refreshing.
  3. After that, Circleboom has prepared the list and inactive all the Twitter accounts which you follow. Those accounts which are tweet in a month are listed as inactive Twitter accounts by Circleboom.
  4. For every Twitter user, there is a red unfollow button that you select to unfollow them. As Circleboom is a twitter consistent tool, which does not allow unfollowing in bulk all your inactive Twitter accounts at once. You have to do is simply click on each account and unfollow each inactive accounts.  That all!! With these easy steps, you can easily unfollow inactive Twitter accounts and clean your account.

Final Words:

With the Circleboom tool, you can unfollow as many Twitter accounts. Also, before you go ahead and start unfollowing accounts, make sure to check out this Circleboom review and also remember to follow twitter policies. 

It doesn’t stop only to remove fake followers but you can also delete old tweets, likes, retweets, and archives. Moreover, you can find the relevant hashtags that will boost your tweets organic reach.

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