Wooden Decorative Wall Mirrors

9 Wooden Decorative Wall Mirrors to Shop Now

A mirror is an object, which is used for multiple purposes such as creating light reflection, opening up a space, making a space better & bigger, and getting ready before going out of home. When it comes to decorating a space or getting ready everyday/for an occasion, you look for a stylish piece of it. Here are brief explanations of some wooden decorative wall mirrors that you can shop for installing in your bedroom, living space, and dining hall: 

  1. Slender Leaf Vanity Mirror with Metallic Silver Finish Frame 

The primary usage of a mirror piece at home is to have a look at ourselves before we take our step out of our home. As a young girl to a married woman, you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to get ready. You prefer to have a dressing set or a vanity mirror for this. Shop for this Slender Leaf Vanity Mirror, which comes with a metallic silver finish frame to keep it protected for a longer period. This decorative mirror has high-grade Modicare or Saint Gobin Glass for a clearer view and the support of superior quality 10 mm pre laminated wood. 

  1. Classic Bold Motif Design Oval Vanity Mirror with Wood Frame 

It is a great piece for you if you are looking for a classical vanity mirror for your bedroom or living space. This oval shape wooden decorative wall mirrors has a bold motif design wooden frame to provide the required support and protection to it. The wood frame is made of high-grade 10 mm pre laminated wood, and the entire product can cover an area of 33inch x 21inch the wall. It consists of superior quality Modicare or Saint Gobin glass to give you a clearer view of yourself and the items placed in front of it.   

  1. Beautiful Leaf Design Wooden Decorative Wall Mirrors

Are you looking for a wooden decorative wall mirrors for decorating or making a space virtually bigger? If yes, opt for purchasing it to install in your living room or dining hall. This leaf design decorative mirror contains a 7 mm thick pre laminated wooden frame to produce the required support while hanging it from a space wall. Due to the use of premium grade Saint Gobin or Modicare glass, this wall mirror produces a clearer reflection of the things placed in front of it. After its installation, it can cover an area of 61cm x 33 cm on your living room, dining hall, or bedroom wall. 

  1. Round Shape Wooden Decorative Wall Mirrors

It is an excellent option for you if you wish to mount a round mirror to your living room, dining hall, or bedroom wall for the right reflection of the things placed in the room. With the perfect installation, this wooden decorative wall mirrors could assist you to make a room virtually spacious and bigger. The mirror in this product is installed at the centre of a round shape made of 7 mm thick prelaminated wood. It has high-grade Modicare/Saint Gobin Glass to provide a clearer view. 

  1. Moon Cycle Design Mirror, a Set of 5 Mirrors with Golden Finish Frame 

People have different thinking for heaven bodies such as the moon. Some of them prefer an item in each form of the moon that changes each day in a month, from a full moon to no moon. If you have the same thought and feeling, go with the purchase of this Moon Cycle Design Mirror. It comes in a set of 5 mirrors that reflect the five different shapes of the moon. Baked by wooden frames with golden finish, this wooden wall mirror is an excellent choice to adorn a space in your home or make the space look bigger.

  1. Hexagon Shape Decorative Wooden Wall Mirror

Show off your love for Hexagon shape with this product while decorating a space in your abode. This decorative wall mirror is available with a wooden frame that is manufactured using premium quality 7 mm thick prelaminated wood. The actual mirror is in the centre and surrounded by a hexagonal wooden structure. It comes with Modicare or Saint Gobin glass that provides you a clearer view of the objects placed in front of it. 

  1. Graceful Diamond Shape Vanity Mirrors

It is a great decorative piece, especially when you want to adorn a space at your home with a set of three mirrors. Its diamond shape has golden finish frames that can help you adorn a space beautifully and make it look appealing, apart from providing the exact reflection or lights or objects installed there. 


You will come across numerous options when you look for a wooden decorative wall mirrors. The write-up has briefly explained only 7 mirrors. Log onto WallMantra.com to find more exciting options.  


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